Didn't plan on that.

I was in the jacuzzi with my friend and his wife at a party they had. His 19 year old daughter got in and my friend and his wife got out to get more wine from the basement and use the bathroom. The jacuzzi is in a area that is private and you can see when someone is coming to the area. As soon as they were out of sight his daughter Amanda grabbed my waistband and pulled my shorts down. I was shocked by it and she said just let me do this please. I was drunk and got excited about it and she pulled her bikini bottom to the side and sat on my cock and got it in her all the way. She said she wants me to cum in her pussy before her dad gets back from the basement. I just let her do it. She pumped it up and down fast and told me she would never say anything. Then I blew it all in her. She said that her sister wants to do it with me too. So she said she was going to make sure that we can be alone. As soon as I finished she said to stand up and she sucked my whole dick inside of her mouth and told me that she was going to tell me why they were doing it. I just smiled at her and she left. I was just amazed at what just happened and was wondering why it happened. And I thought about what she said to me about her younger sister. Her sister just turned 18 the day before the party. It was kinda a party for her and her mom who have close birthdays. Her dad came back and we talked for a while and then I told him that I was going to piss. He went back to the party and I went to the bathroom. When I closed the door I heard a little knock. I said I was in here and then I heard someone say let me in. I just opened the door and her sister walked right in. She locked the door and told me to pull my pants down. I asked her what she was doing and she said she wants me to cum in her pussy like I did to her sister. I let her pull them down and she sucked me off until I was ready. She bent over and told me to put it in her. She said please fuck me and cum in me before anyone comes to use the bathroom. I just pumped that little pussy and she said it feels so good and as soon as she started to cum I just pumped it all in her. She stood up and said she was going to do it with me again with her sister. She told me that she knows that they know what I did with their mom and that I was going to do it with her mom again tonight so her dad could go fuck her friend. I just didn't know what to say. She left and I got out of there a few minutes later. I actually was going to fuck my friends wife as a birthday surprise because my friend got her to give him a threesome. So I was the payment for that one. I have a big dick and it's well known to my friends. After the party I just hung out and my friend told me that he was going to go to sleep. He said his wife was coming down now and I can fuck her until she gets tired. I just fucked her two daughters. And now my dick was pulsing to do it with her. She said she wants to go to the jacuzzi house and when we get there she immediately took this dick like a champion. I was wearing a condom. She asked me to take it off and just fuck her without it so I made her cum three times before I felt like I was going to finish. I told her I was going to cum and she said just do it in me. I thought of her daughters and filled her up and she said she loved it and I was just like she thought. I laughed at it and I was just going to go home. I live on the same block. Three Houses away. I opened the door and turn on the light. The two daughters are in the back of my house sitting at the table waiting for me. They came to the back door and I let them in. They asked me if I fucked their mom. I said yes and they asked me if I was able to cum in her. I told them I did and they both said good. Now you have had all of our pussys and we can all say that you came in us all. I just thought it was weird and asked what they were doing and why is that important. So they told me that their mom had sex with both of their boyfriend's behind their back. They both said they were going to fuck her fantasy first and let me cum in them so they can know that she has gotten dirty dicked. Lol they took my pants down to we fucked so much and I came in them back and forth all night. They also told me that their dad was the one who got my ex girlfriend pregnant and I should not feel bad for fucking them both. I just laughed so hard I almost pissed. They are little sluts and for two months now I have been having threesome's with them every day. They both said they would do it with me as much as I want because they love the idea that they have a secret with me. Who am I to stop them from being happy.

11 months ago

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