It's interesting

Sex is so interesting I'm new to the world of sex, as well as my bf. Like the fantasys he has are so strange like having sex while I wear 6 1/2 heels. I understand that one now but the latest one we did was having him finish on my stomach I didn't see much of the sexual attraction in that. And an other one we did a few months back was having sex on the kitchen counter like for starters I couldn't full bend over the counter I had to wear heels after wearing the heels. Second with heels I'm so much taller then my bf so my bf couldn't stick his dick in me all the way I had to some what squat but we still managed to do so, I was just worried that my parents would come home early and run into us. Question is why do men find the last two sexually attractive ??? Or is it just my bf ?

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  • Nothing sexier than a woman with beautiful feet wearing heels I can't even get an erection with a woman who has ugly feet LOL

  • Your BF watches too much porn.... maybe next he will invite a midget wrestler with a cowboy hat and boots on to come on over, you can wear the heels and be just tall enough to stand over his face rather than sit on it.

  • This is interesting

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