Ripe Old Women

My girlfriend has a church going mom and my girlfriend doesn't know her mom's secret dark side. I haven't told my girlfriend that her mother is a wicked old gal that I get to do now and then when my girlfriend sends me over to her mom's place to help her out. My girlfriend doesn't know how much I really help her mother out. The truthful fact is that her mother knows I get turned on very easily. I enjoy releasing my load in her mother giving her sexual pleasure at her age.
My girlfriend work days has changed and doesn't have Sundays off which is when we fool around a lot. So she asked me to go to church with her mom and spend quality time with her mother on that day. My girlfriend doesn't know how much quality time I get to enjoy being at her mom's house. Doris, my girlfriend's mom, introduced me to Roxy and I'm glad she did. Roxy is a big breasted old gal with young looking tits and a nice looking fuzzy snatch similar and tasty like my girlfriend's.
After church hour we went to Roxy's place for Sunday brunch. As we all sat a Roxy's small table, Doris started to rub my privates. To my surprise, Roxy's hand was there too. Roxy was giving me a smile and said, "God does wonders for us. " Doris smiled and pull out out my stiff rod and placed Roxy's hand on it and said to her, "Isn't it wonderful! " Then Roxy exposed her youthful looking tits and Doris said to me, " God can create beauty and we can be beautiful to someone who's open minded as you,Hun! "
They told me that they wanted to give me the best Sunday afternoon that I could experience and we headed into the bedroom. They undressed me and each other and we all started groping one another. I was astonished seeing Doris sucking and kissing Roxy's breasts while Roxy surprise me with a blow job and what a blow job it was. "I'm the one who taught Doris's daughter how to blow a cock. Doris started to jerk me wildly as Roxy opened her mouth and Doris warned her that my loads are big.
It was a great afternoon and the following Sundays were even better. I enjoy Doris jerking me off and tasting Roxy's snatch as she face sits me.

1.1 years ago

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    • When a previous girlfriend and I split up (many years ago) I would occasionally see her mother who was in her 60s and widowed. We often got together for sex, pure and simple. We both knew that it wasn't going to be anything else and she was surprisingly eager to get down to it but always a bit passive in bed. She pretty much just laid there or bent over if doggy while I fucked her. She always had a smile afterwards to it must have been OK. I think that she just missed sex and that with me she had the opportunity for some basic cock and pussy action. What would always get her gasping was me going down on her, she could be quite noisy with that. Bonus from her was that unlike her daughter she was great at oral and always let me cum in her mouth or, if we were at her place, over her face.

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