Massage therapist wife

My wife works from home, and has an office set up in one of our spare bedrooms. I never go in there, it's what we call "HER" space, and while the vast majority of her clients are female, she does get a few males from time to time.

Money has been tight, I was laid off for about three months, the stimulus checks helped but the bills keep on coming, luckily we own our home so the crazy rent increases around here has not affected us.

Her trade fell off drastically also, for awhile she was locked down like everyone, then just when things began to roll again, here we were right back, even wearing masks and all, she went for more than a dozen clients each week to four, sometimes just three.

Two of those are guys, one is a local sheriff's deputy, the other owns a construction company that does repairs so both are exempt from the lockdowns.

She does demand proof of vaccination, logical for such close work, and we are both fully vaccinated. But, the bills, good lord. We made some of them, not all, and a few weeks ago, she broke down in tears.

It seems the Sheriff guy made some hints that if she wanted to offer some "special" services, that he was in a position to make sure she had no troubles with doing that, and he offered her an extra $50.

She was crying because she felt guilty, having taken him up on it, and she took care of the other guy also. So for the last few weeks she has been working topless and doing hand jobs on them. This for a lousy $100 a week?

It pissed me off, but the SOB is a Cop so beating him up is out of the question, the other guy I think I can handle. Then that extra dab of cash caught up our electric bill which was about to be shut off.

Here I am, upset about it but actually considering looking the other way, and I don't know what to do. I hugged her because I know why, and I told her to keep her pants on no matter what. That's bad enough, but she has one more new guy coming in tomorrow, referred.

I just hope this doesn't get out of hand.

1 month ago


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    • It sounds like everything is in hand so far, her hand.

    • Get a job u sh it bag

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