Doris Church Lady Mom

My ex girlfriend didn't know I was pleasuring her mom Doris, who was in her early 7o's. Started when I was over Doris's house one Sunday afternoon to install a new kitchen faucet. I had my upper body in the cabinet. " You're such a handyman, Jon. Thank-you." Doris said. For a moment there I thought something brushed over my groin.

I had Doris hold the faucet while I tightened it. As I slid out to get a wrench, I happen to look up her dress and saw her bare beaver. I pretended I didn't see anything. When I was getting ready to leave, Doris gave me a big thank-you hug. " I need a special favor for a job that needs attention." she said.

She led me into the bedroom and told me to sit on the edge of the bed next to her and she'll explain the job. She said she's and older senior woman that gets naughty feelings at times. The older senior men just doesn't cut it. She prayed to God for help. God told her she'll figure it out. When her daughter introduced me her, Doris thought to herself that I was a polite handsome man for being 50'ish and church going. As she explains her urges, she was moving her had up and down my inner thigh

" I don't need penetration, I want oral on me mainly." Doris explained. " I think God sent you to me. Are you willing to answer God's calling?" To make Doris think God answered her prayers, I said, "Yes".

She removed her dress, leaving only the stockings and black garter that she had on. She spread a bit letting her legs hang off the bed, I looked at her aging beaver and went down on it. I would look up seeing her fondle and squeeze her small empty saggy breasts. For an elderly lady her juices flowed pretty good. She had a much bigger clit than her daughter. My dick swelled up so hard, that I had to remove my pants. Finally Doris was all juiced out.

"Stand up and let me see that manhood. Now my daughter has good taste in men." she said. She wanted me to rub my manhood across her beaver and watch me stroke my penis. " God knew the right man to please me, Jon. It was you sweetie! Stroke it good darling, Doris wants to see how much you can cum." "yes, Yes, such a nice manhood." She started to edge me on by sucking on a finger of hers. I finally exploded all over her beaver and able to shoot a few drops on her chest.

So ever so often she called her daughter to ask for my help. When the family goes to Doris's for Sunday dinner, Doris would say, " I baked Boston cream pie. I know it's Jon's favorite and smile." Also in church I would sit between Doris and her daughter. Doris would hold and squeeze my hand as we stood up singing to the Lord.


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  • I'm a plumber and I go into many peoples houses. Many of the older ladies accidentally on purpose expose their bodies to me. I've had sex with many of them but the absolute best experience was with an 84 year old woman who had long saggy boobs with big dark areolas and grey pubic hair. She was like having sex with a porn star. She was one of the best experiences of my life

  • Lots of horned up women in church!!

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