Cheating on My Girfriend With a Much Older Woman

I was new to the area. I started dating this nurse few years older than me. She introduced me to her mom and the rest of her family. The whole family was at her mom's for the holiday dinners. Her mom's friend Roxy was there. Roxy was the life of the party. We played board games after dinner. I couldn't help notice that Roxy kept messing with her bra. She was one of them old ladies who's tits took a nose dive. When younger she must of been double E's. I was trying not to stare, but caught me looking. My girlfriends mom laughed and said to Roxy, "Quit flirting with Debra's boyfriend and play this game"." I'm intrigued with his Yankee accent", Roxy said. Roxy left before the family called it a night. But she had to kiss me on the cheek and said, "Welcome to the south hun, my you're gorgeous!" and left. The rest of the family snickered and told me to watch out for foxy Roxy. That 's what they nicked named her.

One summer day Debra asked if I knew anything about lawnmowers because Roxy's was broken. I told Debra I'll check it out. "When you go there watch out for foxy Roxy, she may seduce you", laughed Debra.

Roxy was dressed in light summer clothes and had to properly set her breasts in her bra and rebutton the blouse constantly. As I was bent over she touched my buttocks and chuckled, "Nice view". I finally got it running and was I was good and dirty. "Sweetheart, go in and use the shower" Roxy told me. I stepped out of the shower and my clothes was gone. The bathroom door was open a crack and Roxy said, "I left a robe for you, I put your clothes in the wash".

In the kitchen Roxy poured ice tea for us. "Boy it's hot in here!" Then I saw her unbutton her blouse a bit and lifted her bra up. "Does this upset you?" Not at all I told her. Then she tells me a story about her younger days. Tells me she was double E and the men chased after her. I had to confess to her that my former wife had big saggy breast. "Like these?" she said and opened her blouse so I could see. I thought to myself that this old gal is bold and forward. "You can touch them if you want". She took my hand and place it on her tit. "I think age is just a number, don't you agree sweetie?" She told me she wanted to reward me for fixing her lawnmower. She took her top off and turned my chair around and saw I had a boner sticking out from the robe. "It's much bigger now than when you was in the shower". So she spied on me while showering I said to myself.

She knew how to give a great head job. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom where she completely undressed. She stood there nude, looking like the grannies on the internet. Her long nipples at the tip of her tit pointing downwards, her greyish beaver with loose wrinkled butterfly lips. "How do you want to do this? Rough and dirty or plain and old fashion?" "I'm foxy Roxy and not bashful!" She then said she preferred dirty words and being manhandled. I had it with her mouth. I flung her onto the bed slapped those tits and called her names.

"Yes, Yes, you Yankee, take advantage of us polite southern women!" Roxy blurted out. I went down on her sucking those wrinkled lips, grabbing and pulling her tits as I put her clit in my mouth and sucked that. Her juices started flowing. I knew it was time to fill her with my sperm. As I pumped her, she screamed, "Work it Baby, Work it my darling!"

I don't know why, but foxy Roxy turned me on. Maybe because I thought of her as a mother fantasy or her tits reminded me of my ex wife. I played with her for about a year and a half.


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  • Some of the greatest experiences of my life was having sex with my mother's drunk friends when I was a teenager

  • Soon as you said tea and not sweet tea, we knew this was fake. In the south they drink sweet tea.

  • Yeah... but he is not from the South, so he would call it ice tea.

  • Bless his heart ❤️

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