Neighbor Convinced Me To Work For Her

My neighbor Roxy surprised me when I answered the door. There she stood with a six pack in her hand. "It's been hot these several days and I thought you could use something cool to drink, plus I want to ask you something as a favor." she said to me as I invited her in. She was wearing a sheer summer dress which enhanced her breasts that sagged under it. She was a much older woman than me and seem to be having problems with her tits and bra.
My yard is overgrown and I can't afford to get it cut. The landlord threatened to cut it and charge me extra for the lot rent which I can't pay. Roxy undid her top button and reached in to lift her tit to fit in the bra. "I'm having problems with this new bra in this heat. I'm going to remove it. Undo the catches for me." I did and she slipped it off her shoulder and yanked the bra out thru the opening she made in the front of the dress, causing me to see those big nipples she has. "I hope I'm not embarrassing you!" Roxy said with a smile. She asked me to hand one of the cold beers she brought over and started rubbing it across he breasts making those big nipples erect.
Then I realized she was seducing me. "I can't pay in cash but willing to barter if you are getting my hint." She lowered the dress top and teased me with those saggy breasts. "I can do other things to excite you." and she went down in front of me and pulled my bulge out. "MMMHHH, very nice, Jon!" and she started to give me a head job as I held her head. She convinced me in working for her. She dropped her panty and straddled across my lap slipped my cock in her and fed me those nipples to suck on. "I'm doing this to thank-you and wanting to feel how your cock feels in me." She then said, "You enjoy dirty talk Jon?" Roxy began to talk dirty, begging for my cock. I grabbed a beer, shook it and open the top to spray all over her tits and began to lick them. She got off my cock and went on her knees and started yanking my dick. "Cum for me Jon!" as Roxy tugged and squeezed my dick hard. "Shoot your sperm in my mouth!". I did what I was asked.
While working for Roxy, I learned when she was younger she swung and went to house parties. She missed having cocks like I have. I regenerated her slut personality and we fuck often

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