Daughter's friend

My daughter is 34 years old and she's been friends with this girl since grade school. Her friend had always flirted with me every since I have known her. Her flirty nature is just her personality, eventhough my wife and daughter say she's never flirted with other guys the same way.

My daughters friend came over yesterday to get some old photos and VHS tapes my daughter wanted her to have from their childhood. My wife had just ran to the store, so I was home alone when she stopped by. We were standing in the driveway talking after I just loaded her car with the box of old stuff. The conversation turned a little odd when she asked if I had any old porno tapes. I sheepishly answered no, and followed up by saying she could probably find porno movies on the internet easy enough. She responded saying that wasn't the kind she wanted. She wanted sex tapes of me. I didn't know what to say and just told her I didn't have any. She asked if I ever decided to make one, that she would be very interested in a copy of the video. I just responded with O-K-A-Y. Then she got in her car and left like it was no big deal. Kind of like she had just asked me for a cheeseburger or something.

This girl has innocently flirted with me for twenty some years and never asked or done anything close to what she just asked. Why now? Why after all these years ask me for a sex tape of me? And to be honest, she is very sexy. I would fuck her if I were single. That's a lie, I would probably fuck her married or not.

1 month ago

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    • I say smash. My daughter had a childhood friend. She did not have a father figure so would call me dad. When she got in high school started calling me daddy first time my wife heard her call me daddy she got upset was cool with dad but not daddy since my wife would call me that when we fucked anyway. I caught her once in the back seat of a jeep with some guy my daughters friend when she was in high school . Jump out pulling her pants and panties up saying sorry Daddy won't happen again don't tell her mom please. She was half Puerto Rican and caucasian. Green eyes slim 5'10" 120 lb
      She came to visit in her college years stay the week and would hang all over me my wife hated it my daughter would say stop hanging all over my dad she would say my daddy to. Well one day she in the shower and I knock tell her hurry need to use it . Comes out towel wrapped around her . I go in the restroom and her thong panties are on the floor . Of course I sniff and lick the crouch. When I come out I tell her she left something in there she says no left them for you . She ask if I sniffed them I said yup and I licked them . She gets closer leans in kisses grabs my hard cock and says I love you Daddy. Right when I'm ready to go further my wife pulls up.

    • Go for it mate. Tell her you will only make a porno with her. See if she is really interested.

    • So ask her.

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