Spank my daughters

I'd love to watch a man spank my daughters! Pull their panties down and wear that ass out!

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  • My wife spanks our 12 year old daughter but not very hard so our daughter sort of likes it. I suggested that she takes the little girl's clothes off to humiliate her more. My wife liked that idea and suggested the three of us strip naked. We stripped but our daughter resisted so my wife held her while I took her clothes off. My daughter began to cry and my penis got hard. She had never seen a hard penis before and stopped crying. So I started playing with myself. My wife then started spanking her. When she started crying again I ejaculated on my wife's tit. Looking forward to the next time.

  • Ónly day two of holiday and already I enjoy myself . But I still got room for few more kids now we got spare room now the old man Gerard has died and room cleared and cleaned by me and Angela my sister .56 school st llanbradach south Wales UK is active.

  • Gareth and Janine, under a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G
    First come the bobbies, then come the lawyers
    Then Gareth's in prison, getting fucked in the showers !

  • Sugno fy merched cock yr heddlu yn fy adnabod ha ha .

  • What's up idiot can't you read Welsh . the kids have broke up great ., and now my dad died in may and me my sister Angela and brother Andrew now enjoy ourselves . Andrew live in Nottinghamshire but sister live near going to be a busy time . you can Google my old man's funneral his name Gerard hyde.we have house now yippee .so get your backside down here otk style.see you soon ha ha ha

  • I to enjoy spanking young girls and lots more at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK .they call me uncle Gareth .

  • Hi Uncle Gareth, I'm 13 my friend and me have just read you confession and we like it. We are sitting here at the computer ready to go to school in Newport. You are a sexy Uncle. When we get back after school we will look and see if you have replied. Janine.

  • Part 2 Where are you Uncle Gareth me and my friend Jenny are here waiting for your reply??? Jenny loves to spank me but carefully. We are both bad gay girls in white knickers would you like that? Janine

  • Hi young girls love to spank you I prefer girls in navy blue pe knickers I live in school st llanbradach south Wales UK come and see my house 56 and my spanking toys .I use on you love uncle Gareth Hyde

  • OoooooHHH! Uncle Gareth, Yes we wear blue PE knickers but only for hockey. I bet we know why you like PE knickers, its because they are full of our sweat after a game and I guess you find them left in the changing rooms. You are very naughty!!
    We have to wear white knickers to go with our black uniforms and both jenny and me wear nylon ones and you would love that, all slippery and soft.
    Do you wank yourself off Uncle Gareth as we would love to see you do that?

    Got to go late for school now but will look for your reply later. Janine

  • I would love for all of us to watch each other wanking off.

  • Would love to wank off I your knickers girls .I think of you in school navy blue pe knickers do you like leotard.i love them

  • Sorry for delay in responding I was busy as the school opposite my house is closing soon for big holiday season so I sorting out with parents about care while school out .

  • Hello Uncle Gareth, well we are back again. Our school does not break up for another two weeks or so. We like to tease men on this site and when we get a naughty reply it makes us very excited and we play with each other when we read them, Please send us a naughty reply. Jenny is bending over for you.


  • Hi girls love to see you in your navy blue pe knickers at my house . hope you bending over with school knickers down or off . where in Newport r u . love to see you in llanbradach

  • Hello Uncle Gareth, Jenny had a sleep-over at my house last night and we were really bad in bed together, so we are up really late. We live in st julians, but that's all we are going to tell you.
    You really are into blue PE knickers aren't you, what is it you like about them?
    Jenny and me took our knickers off in bed last night and had a play, my breasts are more excitable than hers but she likes me to play with her V with my fingers.

    What could we watch you do? Janine

  • Do you live on heather s rd area I love to have seen you play together .pity you not located near my house in school st llanbradach you could join my play group it fun we go to pool and to castle center .

  • Hi Uncle Gareth, can't tell you where I live!!!
    What do you do at your play group?
    Just got back from school hockey, you would have loved watching all the navy blue knicker clad bottoms and the short skirts of the girls there. I'm on my own tonight and I feel really hot, if you know what I mean, it must be all the exercise or something, what do you think? I am sitting here without any knickers on, should I put them on or not? Janine.

  • We go swimming or they can stop in and use spare room as gym .yes I would love to have seen all those navy blue pe knickers on the girls bottoms covered by a short navy blue pe skirt .I think you should be wearing your pe kit do you like leotard my girls do some don't . you got me hard love Gareth .

  • Hi Uncle Gareth, you sound very sexy. Some pupils go to gymnastics and wear tight leotards, I know why you like them you naughty man. You would have the girl sitting on your lap getting you hard with the leotard pulled up tight. Would you show us your cock and how hard you are, we have never touched one. Got to go now. Luv Janine

  • Love you in a leotard on my hard knob

  • Sugno ft ceiliog girls

  • Nearly time for kids school hols so my sister Angela and brother Andrew help me out and now my dad died in June I more time for kids .

  • Can I give their pussys a good licking after I spank their asses, and maybe put my little pecker inside of them?

  • Damn it I'm a sick fuck! Yes

  • Yes you are a sick person Gareth

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