Mom daughter and principal

When I was 15 in grade 10 in class there was this really sexy teacher that was also the principal and everyday I had the urge to masturbate to him but didn’t want to get caught. One day I actually did, I cut out the built in panties from one of my skirts and then I had full access to my pussy. That afternoon when I got to his class I started to rub my clit as he taught us a boring science class, my pussy was so wet and I was trying to stay quite while I rubbed my clit. After awhile I got too risky and started to finger myself and after a few short moments I began to moan and almost everyone looked back at me, and the teacher asks is everything alright with an angry look an his face. I didn’t know what to say, “can I go to the washroom” blurted out of me, he didn’t say anything but he led me into the hallway. “I Know what you were doing, get to my office now” I was terrified my legs were quivering as we walked to the office, then he called my parents they were talking for a quite some time before the principal came back out and said my mom was on the way, at this point I thought I was dead for sure. When my mom got there she didn’t say a word to me, she just went past me to the principal. After a half an hour the principal came out to get me and when I went into his office my mom was sitting there naked “what’s going on” I asked with my jaw dropped to the ground. “We need to say sorry to the principal for what you did, now take off your clothes.”I slowly undressed like a sexy stripper while staring at the principal and he was hypnotized, I could see his huge boner through this pants. My mom then turned me around and started kissing me, and slowly we began to rub each other’s pussies. It was the best moment of my life. After awhile my mom surprised me by squirting on my hands and face, I didn’t know she was a squirter. After probably an hour the bell rang for lunch and me and my mom got dressed and we both took turns kissing the principal before we left. “As we were leaving he said good job girls and he winked while staring at me. From that point on I was always curious who knew what actually happened in that classroom and office that day. And I was always left wondering what his cock was like.

11 months ago

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