Time for bed

After a good camping trip, we were happy to be back home. I was already in a towel since my morning swim and decided to eat dinner prior to taking my shower. My mom and dad was ok with me just in my towel since they knew I sleep naked anyways. After my shower, I stayed in my towel, watched some tv with my family and this is when the fun started at least for me. My dad and my brother both have restless leg syndrome so they are unknowingly shake their legs. I was sitting on the end of the couch, my brother in the middle, and my dad at the other end. During the first commercial, my brother started up his legs which started to shake the couch. Not wearing any clothes, obviously my snake eye started was shaking in rhythm. I was getting turned on just by the feeling of what was happening. Then things got crazier when my father started with his legs. At that point I felt like I was on a trampoline with a boner literally flapping around. After the show was over, I was so wet from arousal I had to get up and get ready for bed. I got into the lower part of the bunk bed and my brother got in the upper bunk. It was a warm night so I decided to sleep with out my covers and my nudity is already known throughout our home. I guess between the camping trip, the auto shaking car, and the trampoline couch, my brother had to engage in personal satisfaction. I felt the bunk started to rock back and forth and at this point, he didn't care and neither did I. I just laid there butt naked with my snake bouncing around and that is why my mom I guess headed the bunk hitting the wall. She came in and seen the cause and effect of my brother stroking hard. She said "Oh Sorry" and left. That certainly didn't deter my brother from continuing which he did even harder. I guess he was really horny that night because he does this nightly but never so hard.

1 month ago

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