My wife and i often talked about other men while we had sex , and who she would like to have sex with. One night she mentioned my younger brother so one night we went out with my brother and his girlfriend, so to cut a long story short . At the end of the night my brother didn't live with his girlfriend and lived near us said goodnight to his girlfriend and saw her off in a taxi and got a taxi with us . My wife is 8 years older than me and my brother is 14 years younger than me, my brother was about 22 and in the taxi my wife was sat in the middle of us both so this is what happened.... My wife put her and on bro leg as they talked and started moving her hand to his inner thigh, then rubbing up to his cock then from that moment they started kissing pretty heavily with their hands going everywhere lol i could see his erection and she was rubbing and squeezing the crap out of it. All the way home then i paid the taxi as they both went in our house, when i got in it was quiet and i wondered where they were. So i looked in the lounge and there they were my wife had his trousers off and was sucking him off. This was very hot my brother didn't look at me he was busy taking her dress off and in a moment my wife only had her shoes on and my brother was naked, so i went behind my wife and started to fuck her . After what seemed like an age my wife said she wants my brother to fuck her, so i just stood back and watched them fcuking . She must of came 5 - 7 times and then my brother came inside her . We made a bed for my brother to stay the night and we went to bed and i fcuked her cumming in her too . In the morning they were fcuking again. They fcuk often now.

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  • Only wish could get my wife fucking other men want to watch and clean them both up licking his cum out of her and cleaning his cock

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