I would love to know what is so fascinating with the female body

I just wander what men find so fasinating about the female body. Me and My daughters have just what I call an adverage female body two of us are Blond hair Blue eyes and an averager body. my Baby girl has brown hair and is smaller twe are. I'm 36 the next is 19 and the youngest daughter is 13. I find some times men will bump up against out Boobs or touch our rear. sometime thaey get bold and left our skirts up so others can see what we are wearing. to be honest it's none of their buss what I have on. I just wish they would bother somebody else with their tricks and stuff. still I would like to know what makes our body.s so fasinating to the men and boys.

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  • I am personally fascinated with s nice round ass. Especially when the female knows how to make it stand out. They know us guys are checking them out.
    My way has big boobs and thick ass. She gets hit on still st the age of 42

  • Everyone is different, so you can't generalise. I prefer legs to boobs, but I DO find a great rear enticing!

  • I will make it simple. I love tits. Small ones big ones just whip them out and you could be the nastiest piece of ass in the room but i will fall in love with for the next 20 minutes. Got it.

  • I love how women smell look and taste, but I respect them even more.
    I would never violate a woman or a girl in such a manor, and as a male I wonder what men get out of such behaviour.
    Yes I can admire a pretty girl/woman , but would never dream of getting into their personal space .

  • Thanks do you want to chat with me and have yahoo messenger look me up and I will bring you in ok ask for invite.

  • Your actually asking two questions. First is why do men feel that they have a right to do this shit? That's easy to answer; they don't. Just because a man is interested in your body doesn't give them any right to violate your personal space/touch you/lift your skirt, etc. That's some serious bullshit. When this happens scream at them and shame them in public.
    The second is why do men find you so alluring despite your "average" appearance. That's extraordinarily complicated to explain and has to do with a combination of hormones, age, and culture. But overall, men just aren't as picky as women assume.

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