My girlfriend and I are both 25. We naturally like to have sex, a lot. I will admit that we may have posted a few nudes here and there, none that I care to share though. The point is we both like sex. We watch porn and fuck like rabbits. I never in my dreams thought most of this shit on here or other sites were true. It just never happened.

I know everyone is supposed to be in lockdown, but me and my girlfriend decided to go visit a friend of hers from school. She lives in a quiet little town in the midwest and It took us 8 hours to drive there. The first few days last week were boring as I sat around listening to them gossip about nothing really. So finally I got tired of it and decided to go for a walk. While I was out, I ran into an older gentleman around 40 or so and struck up a conversation. He told me they were having a party and inviting me and my girlfriend to join. Later after I got back, I told my girlfriend about the party and asked if she wanted to go. Her friend had to work so it would be perfect.

We made our way to the party and I found the guy who invited us. He showed us around and introduced us. Mostly couples older than us, in their 30's or 40's I would say. I struck up conversations with several of the guys and they seemed nice. We chatted for several hours and drank while many of the women came up to me, touched my chest and commented "nice, I get him first". At the time I had no idea what they were talking about. A little while later my girlfriend came up to me and said "I think this is a swinger pasrty". I asked her how she knew and she said she heard some of the ladies commenting about how they wished they were lucky enough tonight to get me. Sure enough it was a swinger party. I asked my girlfriend is she wanted to stay, and she said it would be fun.

About midnight the guy who invited me called everyone together. He looked at me and said it was time to swap partners and explained what would happen. He then asked if we wanted to stay. I shook my head yes and he pulled out a hat that had all the guys names in it. He added my name and the ladies started drawing names. My girlfriend was the first to go. She drew some guy who looked in physical shape. He was probably mid 30's, so my girlfriend approved and he took her by the hand as they walked off. About middle of the round this woman who looked about 30 as well drew my name. She was so excited and took my hand leading me to a bedroom in the basement. She wasted no time stripping her clothes off. She was round, NOT fat, and firm as fuck. It was like she gained a few extra pounds but her skin didn't know it. So imagine a round girl poured into skin tight pants. She nice big firm tits. I would say a D size, and she had a nice tan with a bald pussy. She was actually very nice looking and my dick hard hard quick. She pushed me on the bed and started sucking my dick. She was really really good at it too. Way better than my girlfriend. This woman took all of me without any problems. I laid there and enjoyed myself. Then she got up and grabbed a condom. She rolled it on my dick and said it was my turn. She laid on the bed and I got between her legs. I fucked her pussy hard and fast. Her tits are so big I just kept cupping them in my hands. My girlfriend is an A cup on a good day, so this womans tits were exactly what I needed. I sucked on her large dark nipples until she asked me to take her from behind. I got in behind her and grabbed her ass. She had a beautiful firm ass that was round. I started fucking her again and the more I rubbed her ass, the harder I got. I was so hard and so horny I started smacking her ass. Little did I know she was about to become very vocal. She started telling me to smack her ass harder. Them she told me to fuck her hard like the dirty little slut she was. We fucked hard and in several positions all night until the sun started to come up. I told her my wife was probably looking for me, but she said not to worry. The guy she was with could fuck all night too. Just her telling me that was enough to get me hard again. She was so excited she jumped on top and rode me with her big tits in my face. It was the best sex I ever had.


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