Keeping it in the Family

I’ve been married 15 years. I’ve been sleeping with my mother in law for about 7 of those. It wasn’t something I planned on doing, but after that first time, I knew that it was something I wanted to keep doing.

It was nearly 7 years ago when we put in a pool and a deck in the back yard. We had family and friends over. I had the grill going and the wife was doing all the non grilled items in the kitchen to get ready to eat. We had plenty of beer and a varied assortment of liquor at the bar area. Everyone was having a good time. I had finished the grilling and everyone was eating. I decided that I was going to go change into some swimming trunks so when I was done eating I could get in my new pool.

I went into the bedroom and got undressed. No sooner than when i was completely naked did my mother in law Nancy walked in the bedroom. I’m not a shy person so i didn’t try to hide myself. I wasn’t coming onto her but I just am not shy when it comes to nudity. Neither is Jen (my wife). She couldn’t stop looking at me. I said, “Need something Nanc?” She didn’t say anything. I said, “Nanc?” She snapped back to reality and said, “Sorry. I couldn’t help but notice you.” She has always been blunt and honest. It’s what I love about her. I said, “See anything you like?” She said, “You hitting on me?” I said, “Maybe. Maybe not.” She said, “You wouldn’t want me. I’m just an old lady.” I said, “Why don’t you let me be the judge of that.” She said, “Well? Do you think I’m attractive.” I said, “I’d have to see more of you.” She said, “Well, Jennifer said I could borrow a bathing suit, so I’d have to get undressed anyway. You are welcome to stay while I change.”

So she got undressed. She isn’t in shape but she isn’t obese. She’s just plump. But I like that in a woman. She has a big round ass and a bit of a belly and nice tits for someone her age. They don’t sag near as much as I thought they would. She said, “So, what do you think?” I didn’t answer with words. I walked up, put my arms around her naked body and just above her ass and kissed her. She’s a very good kisser.

We kissed for a good 5 minutes and then stopped. She said, “We can’t let Steve (her husband) know about this.” I said, “When was the last time you guys had sex?” She said, “Hell, like 15 years ago.” I said, “Really?” She said, “Yep. He has a girlfriend but doesn’t think I know. He doesn’t know that I don’t care so long as he keeps paying the bills.” I said, “Sounds like you need a boyfriend.” She said, “What about you? You and Jen have sex a lot?” I said, “Not as much as I’d like. We only do it like twice a month.” She said, “Why is that?” I said, “She keeps coming up with reasons why not. Always something different.” She said, “Well, we can keep this our little secret then.”

We had sex right there on the bed. It was pretty amazing tbh. We both walked back out and Jen said, “Where have you guys been?” Nancy said, “I couldn’t get this blasted bathing suit zipped and your husband happened to be walking by and I asked him to help me.” Jen said, “I’m so glad I married such a thoughtful man.”

As of this writing, we have been having sex twice a week like clockwork for the past 7 years.

9 days ago

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    • Cool situation!

      But didn’t the meats burn on the grill while you flirting and poking your MIL?

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