Stripper for a night

A friend of mine was putting on a bachelorette party of her bestfriend. She had hired a stripper, but he canceled at the last minute. It was the eve before the party and she called me asking if I could help her find a replacement. We literally called everyplace we could think of with no luck. We were sitting there out of ideas when she said most of these women didn't know me and wanted to know if I would do it. I at first said hell no, but she kept begging me until I finally agreed.

The next night I showed up at this party dressed in a cop outfit. I was nervous as hell, somewhat because I had never done that before, but also because I knew more than just a couple of the women. There were a few women who were 30 to 40 years old. I started stripping and the more I did it, the more I enjoyed the attention from the ladies. One lady who was probably my mother's age (40), grabbed my Gstring and pulled it off revealing me to everyone. I'm just shy of 8 inches hard, so you can imagine how the ladies went wild after I started to get hard.

The lady that pulled my Gstring off was very aggressive. She kept grabbing me and stroking me. She even took my dick in her mouth a couple times. I was trying to share with all the ladies when she herself started stripping. She stripped completely ass naked and pulled me over to a table where she bent over it. Looking back at me, she told me to fuck her. I tried to resist saying the other ladies didn't want to see that, but they all jumped on her side and started encouraging me to fuck her. I tried to tell them I didn't have a condom, but she said she couldn't get pregnant and that I could cum in her for all she cared.

After more pushing by all the ladies, including my friend. I stepped up behind this lady and stuck my dick in her. These ladies went absolutely fucking nuts. They were cheering us on, chanting fuck her, fuck her, fuck her. I was slowly sliding in and out of her until one of the other ladies said "for christ sake, just fuck her, you pussy." That triggered me and I grabbed her hips and started fucking the shit out of her. Talk about going fucking bonkers. I thought those women were going to rape me. It was crazy. I almost became a stripper after that night, but instead chose a more respectable career. It was a lot of fun though.

I ran into that same lady about a year later. She was with her husband of 20 years. She introduced me to him and then asked how college was going. She acted like nothing had ever happened. Like I hadn't fucked the shit out of her while bent over a table at a bachelorette party.

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