The Trade

This just happen to me the other day. The timing couldn't be better. I was horny and needed someone. I just got out of the grocery store and was getting to my car. This car pulled up next to me and the person rolled down the window. It happened to be a senior lady. She ask me if I had some extra money to give to her because she spent most of her monthly income on medicines and her cupboards was nearly bare. I told her I had no cash on me, that I use my debit card when I shop. "Are you willing to go back in and pay for my purchase if I pay you back sexually? " she said and told me to get inside her car. She touched my privates and placed my hand down her top letting me feel her small empty saggy tits which had big nipples. I said, "I think we can work a trade if you really want to please me sexually. She squeezed my privates and told me she can be a slut to me if I pay for her grocery purchase.
I followed her to her place. Helped carry the grocery into the home. She wrapped one arm around me and undid my pants exposing my cock with the other arm and hand while thanking me. Then I told her I wanted to see her naked body. She told me it was just an old senior aged body that wouldn't turn me on. " You be amazed on what turns me on! " I said to her grabbing her small empty saggy tits and sucking her extended nipples. Then I commanded her her to get down and blow me. I took my cock and rubbed it on her extended nipples and said, "Come on blow me bitch!" I went and sat in a chair while she gave me a blow job while I stared at and played with her nipples. Then I told her to cup her small empty saggy tits and hold them up with her nipples pointed out so I can jerk off on them. Looking at her tits really got me going and shot my cum all over them.
As i was stepping out of her doorway, she yells out to me that she's eighty-one.

11 months ago

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