My amazing, almost unreal first time and it's all true!

How I lost my virginity. Kind of a long story, but I'll keep from being to descriptive to keep it short. An impossibility on my part. Anyway...
So, it's Saturday. Two weeks away from graduation. I turned 18 not to long ago and I still hadn't lost my virginity. I had only kissed 2 girls since then, but it never went anywhere. And I'm incessantly thinking to myself, am I going to lose it before I graduate? I don't know why that was a constant goal in my mind.
Anyway, my friends came over mid afternoon that Saturday and ask if I wanted to hang with them later and grab some booze. I agreed, gave them my cash and requested some beer.
So they leave and I'm chilling at home waiting for them to show up later. 8 o'clock rolls around. Nothing. Then it's 9. Then 10. I'm like, where are these fuckers? Haha.
So, I decide to take off with my Dad's car after my folks had fallen asleep. Probably around 11 oclock. I haul ass to my friends house to see if he's there. He's not home. I go to my other friends house who he was with when they came by. He's not home either. This was before cellphones mind you and I'm wondering where the fuck are they?
Anyway, I head over to this other guys house whom they hung out with every now and again. As I get there, I see the front porch light off, with a few peeps standing around and one person comes forward. Lo and behold it's one of my good friends. She asks what I'm doing there. I tell her I'm looking for my bros and wanted to know if they came by to see her cousin brother. She says no, they haven't been by and said her cuz is inside asleep. At that point I'm like, shit they probably took my cash and partied elsewhere without me.
So I told her I was going to head home, but before I could leave she asks if I could drive her and two of her other girlfriends to the store for some smokes. I agree and told her it'd have to be quick. They jump in and we head to the gas station.
They jump out, go inside and I'm standing outside next to the car having a smoke myself and what do I see? My friends black truck haul ass by. I'm like holy shit he's headed to my place. So the girls come out and I tell them get in quick. I haul ass after my bro, flash him down and stop him.
We got out and chatted a bit and I told them I thought they bailed on me. I guess they had a task their dad made them do at their farm and it took all day. Luckily they grabbed the booze before hand, haha.
Anyway, we drive out to a secluded spot off the main road. We park side by side, crank up the tunes and start drinking. My bros were freaking out because I had three girls from our school in my car. We all knew each other some what as we're all in the same grade so it wasn't awkward at all.
Anyway, after about 30 minutes, two of the girls had to get home and asked me to drop them off. So, before I got to tipsy I drove them home. My good friend decided to hang with us.
So, her and I drove back after we dropped her buddies off and we started drinking a whole lot more. I'm getting worried about my dad's car, so I ask my friends if they could follow me home to drop it off, but for some reason we just stood around longer, drank some more and I eventually forgot about it. Pretty soon we were sitting side by side in my friends truck cab, jamming music and laughing. I notice that my friend, the young lady who stayed with us snuggles up to me and hugs my arm.
She's this tiny little thing. Probably 5'0 tall about 95 lbs or so. Think Thandie Newton. That's who she looked like. Anyway we drink some more and she gets super tipsy and kinda lies down on my lap squishing my friend against the passenger side door, haha.
I'm like oh shit did she pass out?
My friends smile at me and start chuckling as they exit the vehicle. I give them my car keys and my friend throws me what I thought was a piece of wrapping paper. I pick it up and realize it's a condom. Oh shit, and just as I did my good friend in my lap reaches up pulls my head down toward her and gives me one the sloppiest wettest kisses I'd ever gotten. Just nasty, filthy, porn style kissing with tongues flailing all over the place.
We do this for a good minute or two and then like two sex starved maniacs our clothes come off. I stare at her tight young body, her parky little tits and the small bush below as she crawls toward me. I struggle putting the jimmy on, but after it's secure, she crawls on top of me, straddles me and I slide inside her. I got such an awesome view with her tits right in my face. We start slow at first and then a little faster. Then, I lie down and she crawls on top and starts bouncing on top of me for a while, and I'm grabbing at her tits and sucking on her perky little b cups and gripping her ass as she's riding.
I then sit up and tell her to lie down. I grab her legs and spread them apart. She grabs my cock and helps me guide it in. I start going at it and she starts squealing and thrusting back at me in rhythm, we go at it like this for a good couple of minutes and she says out loud "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" She makes this grimace O face as I fuck her harder and she starts to whimper as I pound away. She tenses her legs up and starts quivering. I could feel how wet she was. It was a sloppy slippery wet that just came oozing out and made the pumping that much easier. About that time I could feel myself finally building up. I feel this chill go up my spine as I'm about to finish myself. I go as hard as I could while she's covering her mouth trying to hold in her scream. I finally finish hard! And for a few seconds I'm like paralyzed. My legs are gone, haha.
She laughs and smiles at me and quickly slithers out from underneath me. She asks where the other 2 are and I say they're in my car.
We get dressed quickly and get out of the truck. She wraps her arms around me and we walk toward the car and my friend gets out and says "Fuck you guys! You took forever!", hahaha.
We had a good couple of laughs. At that point my friends looked beat so they decide to head out.
They give me the rest of my beer and drive home. Me and my new GF stand around talking and looking at the stars and the horizon where our town is.
I tell her I gotta get home. So we kiss a little longer and get in the car and drive off. She grabs another bottle of beer and gets me one too. I know, I was very dumb drinking and driving back then, but oh well.
Anyway, we get closer to her house and she tells me to pull of the road and tells me to follow this little dirt road. So I do and we drive for a bit and pull up to these trees and a small clearing. I park and she gets out to use the restroom.
I sit in the car waiting for her and she gets back. She asks for another beer and starts stripping. Then she gets in and crawls over to me and tells me she wants me again. So I oblige her and we start making out like crazy. She jumps on top, but I tell her I don't have any more Jimmy's. She then says you'll just have to pull out before you finish and without even thinking about it she grabs my cock and helps me slide in. Oh my god! It felt so different and so good!
I don't know how, but we end up in the back seat of the car, just going wild on each other. I'm having trouble finishing because for some reason I'm a bit sore from the pounding an hour before.
I help get her off, twice, but I never get to finish, even uncovered.
So we get dressed quickly again, throw out the beers and then drive off. I take a different dirt road back to the main road and my dumbass gets the car stuck in the mud in this puddle on the dirt road. I'm like WTF! So I get out and ask her to floor it as I rock the car back and forth. Eventually getting it out. My pants and shoes are covered in mud and I'm scared shitless as the sky starts turn blue and the sun starts to come up.
I haul ass to her house, drop her off and head for home. I drive to my friends house to see if I can use the water hose to hose the car down but just before I get to his place, my Dad passes me in the Chevy. Yup. I'm fucking dead!
My dad stops me, asks me if there's anything wrong with the car. I tell him no and he tells me to follow him home. I'm scared shitless driving back to the house.
So, I pull the car around back and he gives me a bucket of soapy water, the water hose and chews my ass out for a good few minutes or so. I take it without saying a word and clean the car.
Afterwards I get inside, shower and go to my room to sleep it off. Just as I'm about to drift off. My Dad opens the door and throws my new GF's black panties and bra at me, LoL.
He smiles, shakes his head and closes my room door.
The next afternoon I go over to her place to return what she had left behind. We spend the whole evening together at her place talking about what happened, laughing, hugging, kissing and just being together. That summer was an unforgettable summer. Lots of sex, more parties and everything else before I went off to college in Sept.
That's ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, was my first time. I tell people about it and they always call BS. But I have two good friends that can vouch for me and they always do, by telling whomever asks, those fuckers took for fucking ever in my truck! LOL

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