Just a thought

One day I just want to order some pizza and pull the delivery driver right in the house and let him fuck me. I want to bend over and let him out his cock inside 0f me then he Will leave and I will eat pizza :) haha!

Then there's this hot guy in the shoe store he's so fucking hot & he knows I want him I know he wants me too he's the manager I just wanna apply and have an early morning interview when nobody is in the store and fuck him in his office and never accept the job offer haha!!!

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  • I knew a lady in Colorado who routinely fucked the UPS and Fed ex drivers

  • Yes just like a porno.... but after that he gotta go and I won’t order any pizza from that place ever again

  • We can make it like in the pornos where the girl where's 6 inch heels and gets bend over

  • Kitchen counter*

  • I'm not a delivery guy but I'll stop to get pizza for u and dress up as one if you let me bend u over on your chicken counter

  • My wife and I went to Aruba, At our hotel she saw that she could get a massage in the room. I called to get her a massage while I went out to play golf. It ended up raining hard so I came back to the hotel early.
    I thought she would have been done with her massage, I opened the door, hearing the TV , started to walk further into the room, I could hear some other noise, I looked around the corner to see the guy on top of my wife fucking her. Neither one of them heard or saw me. I walked out, and a while later called to say I just got back. By the time I got up to the room the bed was made and she asked how golf was and what I wanted to do now.
    I never told her I knew, but when we have sex I think of her getting fucked by this guy.

  • Damn I’m so against stepping out on marriages but I would get me some new pussy if I were you. Not the kind you pay for that pussy be funky get you something fresh

  • Man bro go buy the biggest dildo you can find and tell your wife let's do it in the dark, when she least expects it shove it deep inside her and remind her about that night

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