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Need some help for prom this coming weekend, now my whole life in highschool I've dressed really appropriate never showed much of skin, but prom is coming and I'm finally 18 and I want to dress in the most fancy sluty sexy way, just so I can finish high school with every one wanting me sexually, so far I've come across a tight red dress it has a high waisted slit on one side, shows alot of leg and little to imagine panties isn't much of a option so I'm going with mesh body suit or should I go with no panties ?? Let me know, the dress is also backless shows about an inch of my side boob I think that will be a perfect dress to tease guys around I also came across a pair of really fancy black fuck me pumps which I think will finish it off, what do you guys and girls think ??? Let me know if you guys and girls have any sexier ideas also what should I do after prom ???

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  • What did you go for in the end? How did it go?

  • I went with my outfit that I described, at first they wouldn't let me in because it was too revealing ( I don't blame them it was a bit revealing for prom) but at the end I was allowed in, I had 14 guys come up to me asking to dance, I only danced with 4 guys, one of them was obvious he had a hard on I turned around on him and wiggled my ass on him and walked off lol, I couldn't do much honestly. Alot of girls were talking to me about my very high heels asking if they hurt or if I'm scared that I'll fall, and I got alot of compliments about my legs, my bf got tired of the talk with the girls so he went to go find his friends which meant I was free to tease random guys (didn't worked out) I found the perfect guy to try to tease which it was working till I said let's go to the back of the school, he thought I was joking with him so he didn't want to go, at the end I ended up fucking my bf at the baseball field, it felt so naughty and so sexually goodd, I told him to cum in me (for some reason I just wanted to walk around with his cum in me) and well that was prom night

  • That will feel really sexy, I've gone to stores with a skirt and no panties and i felt really sexually attractive, i think i have the confidence down. And it might be a bit obvious that i won't be wearing anything but honestly i really want to slut it up a bit for once 😜and hopefully leave guys wanting me, and i have a date my bf I'm not a virgin anymore but every one sitll believes i am so it's good every one wants to go for the virgins here, i low key really want to lose my bf in the dance and to tease some guys and maybe pick one to blow in the back of the school just to walk out on him right before he cums maybe even let him in side me it might be more of a teaser and i won't mess up my hair lol, i get extremely turn on leading guys on and teasing them just to leave them blueballed so i might

  • Go without bra or panties, imagine there only being one thin piece of material between you and naked, and how sexy that must feel. Need to have confidence tho, and hope it's not obvious u have nothing on.
    After prom, big question is do you have a date and are you a virgin, if so it's the most common night to lose it. M28

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