15 and didnt know....

I was 15 the summer of 1980, there was a youth club where kids would go and play basketball and soccer and stuff like that i was the youngest of 7 boys that went to this club...one day i went into the bathroom and there for the first time i seen someone sucking cock...2 of the older boy were engaging in dick sucking, well by my surprise they just kept going and then i heard a moan then he came in his mouth and on his face, i was stunned shocked freaked out...i stood there and kinda started to get a feeling then 2 more boys walked in the bathroom and there they were...right in front of me they pulled down their shorts and started to rub their cocks, one of the boys had a pretty big dick and told me to suck it...i told him that i never sucked a dick before, i was scared i wanted to run out of there, but i didn't....he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to my knees i was looking up and all i saw was these big balls and cock right in my face i could smell him...then he put his hand on my head and aimed his cock right into my mouth, i couldn't believe it i opened my mouth as wide as i could and he slid it in and out of my mouth i stared to choke then he pulled back and made me lick and suck on his balls i could taste him, i never even thought about sucking a dick before that day, he moaned and jacked off right when he started to cum he aimed it back into my mouth and pushed it deep i felt some warm squirts in the back of my throat, he told me to swallow it, i tried to a few gulps then it gushed out of my mouth i could taste man juice...i was turned on, then his friend was jacking off i got my second load of man juice he made me swallow his cum again i tried but it gushed out of my mouth...i was on the floor after just getting two loads of cum i never even though of, then one boy came to me and stared to rub my crotch and he pulled down my shorts and for the first time i got sucked off...he just swallowed me and i came in his mouth nothing gushed out of his mouth he swallowed my load at that time the only thing that i did was look at dirty magazines and jack off... needless to say i started to suck cock and i liked it...i dont do it anymore, but i sure would like to...thanks for taking the time to read that...-jlr-

27 days ago


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    • Holy shit, what a ripoff. All I ever got was a blowjob from an 18 year old female camp counselor when I was 14. ( I gave her a joint in exchange)

    • Gays breed by raping children. Good news is, it's population control! Means more parking spaces for me.

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