Strip poker with sister and friends

This is a true story of me as a young teen.

I was with my older sister visiting two teen girls who were friends of the family

After we had chatted for a while, someone suggested we play strip poker.

Picture us sat round a large table. We start playing, and all losing randomly, but I quickly realise that I am wearing far fewer clothes then the girls, who are also wearing jewellery and other accessories... They also count trainers as one .item, and socks. Before long I am taking my to show my chest, so they ask me to walk round the table.

They start laughing... I lose again and have to take trousers off, so am in my white y fronts. I start to get hard and they ask me to walk round the table again, so they see my bulge and stare intently at me.

My luck is out as I lose again, so they get me on the table, holding me down...

The older girl pulls my pants down so they see my hard cock and my balls.

They start stroking and tickling me, but the other friend stars playing with my cock. They play with my hard nipples.

Very soon I cannot hold back and shoot my load.

11 months ago


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    • I did it, too, with my hot older sister and two of her friends, one of whom I had a major thing for. We played after a house party, and my sister told me I should join them, we'll play for clothes, not money. I'd seen her naked several times and we'd messed around, but the friend, I so wanted to see every bit that I could. We started, the flirting and cock teasing soon followed, including my hot sister saying she knew how big I was, and couldn't wait for them to see, too. I won a few hands early, and got to pick who had to lose clothing. I picked my favorite immediately, and she said "I knew you'd pick me", and took her shirt off. Slow and teasing, but she took it off and tossed it to the floor.

      We continued, back and forth, some hands nothing, others small stuff, like take off my socks or overshirt, my sister losing her shirt and bra (by my winning), the other woman losing her shirt and dropping her pants, and my favorite holding out until I won a few in a row and had her ready to be naked. She offered they'd all strip down to nothing, totally naked, if I won the next one, but, if I lost, they got to do it to me. I was confident, doing well, and wanted all three naked for me, so agreed. That ended up the one hand I got nothing good in my draw, they knew it and they'd won, so kept it going. When my hot sister folded and closed out, she told me "Stand up, we won..You've seen me naked, but now it's time they see you". They went about stripping me clean, taking their time and making comments (good one, thankfully), and when it got to the final, my hard, risen cock, they were impressed and thanked me for the effect they had on me. I stood there, hard and naked, with these three eyeing me up and touching me, and I loved it.

    • Did you see your sister’s titties? Ass? Pussy?

      Did your sister play with your cock?

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