I hate being with my Fiance'

What can I say about this. I really hate having sex with my fiancé . He stinks and needs to was more. When you know that you have BO you need to take steps and wash more often. I really don't enjoy being intimate with him. The BO is terrible. Plus when his sweat drops on me I just want to gag. His penis always taste like urine, yuk! I tell him if you expect sex go take a shower and wash your privates off. But no he just wants to have sex then wash afterwards. I think I will be having headaches more frequently from now on. No more oral sex either. I hate sucking his cock anyway. His dick is so fucking fat. It really is a stretch to get my mouth around it. Then he just wants to fuck my face and cum all over my face and tits. I would rather just lay down and let him fuck me cum inside of me so I can get a bath and get clean after he's been sweating all over me. He's a stinky fucking fat moron. I'm too much of a push over. He doesn't listen to me either. The last time we fucked I ended up with his hairy sweaty armpit right in my face. It was horrible. Smelled like fucking onions.

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  • This marriage isn't going to work. The key to a good marriage is sucking dick. My guy smells a little rank at times, but I can handle it. He's a heavy smoker and his sweat smells like cigarette smoke. If you can't deal with him, you need to move on. Your tone indicates that you are fed up.

  • Your not kidding we split up after I told him how I feel about him. Much happier now that's he's gone. I dodged a huge one.

  • I would fuck your man's brains out and then would not want to be with you. I think you are the loser not him. I hate women like you. Make the rest of us look badly. I bet you are one of those hairy legged feminist. You are aren't you?

  • You can have the loser. Want his cell number?

  • No I'm not one of those women thank you very much.

  • Why are you engaged to marry someone you hate being with?

  • I'm not anymore I told him what I thought of him and we have split up. So tired of his stupid lazy ways. Now I can find the person I am meant to be with. A clean man with some ambition.

  • I have no idea at this point. I guess I had been drinking. Yes it happens to us gals also. Look better at closing time.

  • It might be genetics. He naturally has stinky sweat while you do not have stinky sweat so his sweat is even more powerful to you. Look up the ABCC11 gene. This marriage might not work.

  • Fuck girl. Ill take him I love stinky musty guys

  • You are welcome to him any time you want honey.

  • I'm sure you can do better than him.....can't you?

  • Well, you can sure pick them, can't you, sunshine. Sing him a version of a Garth Brook's song called, " Ain't Goin' Down Till You Wash those Nuts ".

  • He needs to be dowsed with some Janitor in a Drum type shit that's for sure. Mr fucking clean on his ass.

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