2 medicals in one day!

This is true... When I was 15 I had 2 intimate medical in one day...

I had been feeling off co!our for a.while, so mum sent me to the .local gp for a checkup. He was an older grandfather figure. He started by asking me to strip to my pants and then asked general health questions... After looking me over, without warning he pulled my pants down to examine my penis and testicles, fondling my balls and manipulating my penis, rolling my foreskin back etc.

He asked me to turn around and put on a plastic glove and opened a jar of cream. He spread some over a finger, asked me to bend over and starting putting it up my bum. It was and is very tight so it took a while to get what he wanted, then he pulled.my pants back up and asked me to get dressed.

He couldn't find anything wrong, so sent me by ambulance to a hospital.

Amazingly I then went through the same tests again! I am sure that a code word had gone out, as while I was in the cubice, lots of male and female nurses appeared asking about the cabinet next to my bed, did they need a hand etc.

Any way I was asked to strip to my pants again, then They put me in a backless robe... With nurses surrounding my bed one of them pulls up getting of the robe and slips my pants down... They all have a good look at my penis and testicles then one of them starts to fondle and manipulate me. I start to get hard which they continue to watch. A female nurse asks me to lie on my side, and she lived up a finger and inserts it in my bum for what felt like ages. She pulls out and pulls up my pants over my hard cock.
Nobody wanked me to.climax, but i did later over the memories...

2 months ago

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