I have given head to quite a few guys

I am a guy and one of the most common things I hear from them during and afterwards is they have never had anyone suck on them and make it feel so great. The second thing is almost all of the men I have sucked to a second orgasm have never had that done to them. The women swallow the first load and are done.
The second orgasm to me is always their most powerful one, I have heard them moaning like a woman when they finally have it as I suck away on them. One guy asked me after probably forty five minutes of straight sucking if he could come back tomorrow because I was magnificent.
I have managed to suck a few guys to three orgasms but that is about my limit because that is a lot of sucking.

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  • Mmmm, come over to my house and give my son some pointers


  • Maybe the new posts can be from 7.5 years ago!

  • HEY you big poof, your a real queer prick that needs a kick in the balls every morning.
    What you got to say about that Dickhead ?

  • Sounds like your dick head never gets sucked. Find some pleasure in life, you need it. Maybe then you will be less caustic.

  • HEY you big poof that all you got Goon, your a smart arse prick

  • I see you are still caustic. Good luck in getting some.

  • Come on you queer prick give me something to work with here Goose

  • I'll work with your prick, you need it.

  • I have suck a few cocks and I like it .like to lick a creampi

  • Fuck me

  • I love to suck cock, myself. Almost 200 men so far, with the majority of them cumming back multiple times. Get me on my knees and feed me that hot cum. Enjoy.

  • Sucked two more today! Score.

  • Your just a poofter

  • So?

  • So if your proud of that your a real clown

  • Just call me Chuckles.

  • If you can make me cum twice in your mouth, I'll let you cum in my ass.

  • I’d love to suck another guys cock! It’s been a strong fantasy of mine for a long time. I just can’t seem to find a guy I click with that might be that way inclined.

  • You could suck my cock and I’d return the favour. I love getting sucked off and enjoy giving head. Nothing better.

  • I have found some key factors for getting sucked off by men or if you are lucky enough a woman. I actually had a woman respond to my ad under men for men and she even showed up.
    1. I have to host. Dozens of ads out there with a 1% success rate and less than that can host.
    2. The hosting area needs to be open, most are pretty nervous if they show up so an open area such as the living room is ideal. Sheet on the couch ensures easy clean up should it be needed.
    3. Offer them a simple bottle of water, my regular guy shows up with a water bottle. Cock sucking requires some saliva so some newbies do not realize that and need a drink.
    4. Be laid back. They are nervous the first time so loud music, being demanding or controlling is not going to be very relaxing.
    5. Be well groomed and clean down there. I personally get waxed but it was not for getting sucked on I do it for working out but that is just me. I trimmed up area is always good so that they do not end up with pubic hair in the way. If you want your balls sucked on this is a must.

  • I'm straight and easily find men my type. As I like submissive muscular black men to suck and swallow me. I find a quiet hotel in midtown works best and have champagne on ice for them. Most are very nervous and afraid they will be discovered as they are bottoms on the down low. They also want to be sexually dominant by a straight man.

    To the last one, they give incredible head and want it to last a long time. Several want me to spank them hard and then ass fuck them. It risky but I bareback them and cum in them.

    It's also odd to me that several of them have confessed they are disgusted by the idea of blowing or being fucked by another black man. And they could only swallow cum or be sodomized by a straight white guy as he does not want to be ass fucked and is all man.

  • I'm 23, very feminine looking guy. And since I discovered the ecstasy of swallowing cum at age 12, I have somehow found a way to blow and swallowed a different every day. I also jerkoff after each blow job and drink my own cum.

    My first was with my favorite uncle (Dad's brother) who paid me to blow him. I love him so much I would have done it for nothing. First it was older men and high school boys, I would go to the park and they were more than willing to let an underage boy suck them. The jocks were the most into it most are probably gay.

    By 16, I just started to meet men on Tinder, meeting and blowing them. I also discovered I could blow myself and started doing that several times a day. In college I was the campus cum slut. God knows how many I blew each day. The weekends, were a blur of weed and oral and anal.

    Today, even in the lockdown, I do 3 or 4 Tinder hook up each day. I'm obsessed with cum. I sucked myself off twice so far this morning and swallowing my cum.

    My first Tinder date gets here at 9:30am I need cum so bad right now. I'll suck myself again until he gets here.

  • Filthy cunt you need a giant kick in the balls every morning

  • I have only given 1 man a blowjob. I have sucked him 4 times though. I still can't believe I have done it. My wife would not be impressed if she knew. Embarrassing for me to admit this.

  • How did it get started? Was he a stranger/random hook-up? Are you married?

  • In a local chat similar to this. He gave me his phone #. I called him. I told him of my desire to try giving head. He gave me his address. Still married yes

  • Guess I didn't read well enough. I see you are married.

  • Nothing to be embarrassed about. Did you enjoy it? Enough said.

  • I did enjoy it quite a bit. He is much bigger than me, and it was really fun and exciting to play with it with my hands and mouth. I felt so dirty and slutty.

  • Did you swallow?

  • Well um, yeah. At first I didn't know what I would do, but when he announced he was close I couldn't help myself.

  • Would like to corrisponed with you some time if possible

  • No it's not so piss off you queer prick

  • Ten to one says your a cop with nothing better to do then come on here and jack your mouth off punk .

  • Always an asshole in the bunch , just how queer are you !

  • I am 65 years old, married, love pussy, but I also have sucked a lot of cock through the years. It's fun and cock is a lot easier to get than pussy!I have had many guys say that it was the best they have ever had and returned very often for more head. I have also met quite a few who professed to have the ability to last for an hour or more only to cum in just a few minutes.

  • A guy knows how to give the best head. He knows exactly what the guy wants.....being a guy. Sounds like you must be doing a good job.

  • OP here. Thanks and yes, I think I am good at it. I started sucking cock as a kid (very willingly!) so I have had a lot of experience!

  • I need to correct the previous post. I am the 65yo guy, not the OP. I have no clue why I said OP instead of 65yo. Maybe because I was focused on my response only or maybe getting senile. Apologies to the OP.

  • Hmm would like to correspond with you .

  • I am the 65yo guy. Correspondence might be fun.

  • Why arsehole

  • Ok Mike P.

  • Gee your a real queer prick aren't you

  • *Corrected Gee you are a real queer prick. Are you not?
    Well, not really in the usual definition of prick. I am a bit queer in some ways because I do go outside of the normal male trend and I do have some great times sexually.

  • Your also a frigin smart arse aren't you

  • Still, straight guys will close their eyes and imagine a hot chick is giving them the best blowjob that they have ever had.

  • Could be and that does not bother me a bit.

  • Good show old boy.

  • I agree completely! Half of the str8 guys I've blown, you'd think their wives were nuns, they've never had a proper blowjob in their lives. I've heard a lot of guys complaining about how their wives hate giving head, which confuses me, it's my favorite part. I feel like I should teach a class.

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