Does my friend still hold a grudge against me?

When I was in High School me and My Cousin Tyler made a friend named Patrick and we used to be really close back in the day, we invited him to sit with us at lunch and we had his back, but months later Patrick turned into an asshole.

I mean Me, My Cousin Tyler and the rest of our group were all into sports but Patrick wasn't and he would always make some ridiculous plans but we would go behind his back and do shit like golf or go see a football game and we never invited Patrick, in fact we made sure to never include him in any of our plans while we pretended to be his friend.

We did take a picture together a group picture at Homecoming and then after that well things went downhill after that.

Patrick would always talk to us whenever we were near eachother at school but I would purposely ignore him and i would complain about his ideas and shit. I even made him late for class one time and then after I asked him for some personal space he soon got really pissed at me anytime I would say anything to him.

You know I guess I shouldn't have asked for any personal space because Patrick started being a dick to me for no reason. I one time saw him in class and he had his head down and I went up to say hello to him and he never said hello to me at all.

Tyler and I were Ushers for the School Play and saw Patrick and then when me and Tyler asked him how the show was he walked away from us and Tyler asked what crawled up his ass? Worst of all he never talked to us for the rest of the day.

He would always come to school in a bad mood and was always pissed at me for some reason and I would make fun of him and he would get even more pissed and I was really afraid he might attack me.

One time me and Tyler was going to hang out with Patrick because we felt like we should and then every time we had the chance to hang out Patrick would flake out at the last second by making up some excuse from being sick to not feeling it so we gave up on trying to hang out with him.

He would call me and Tyler on the Phone and we would lie about being at work just to avoid going over to his house. Tyler went over to his house but I was well at Work I think and then after I left his facebook group he starts publicly saying shit about me.

Then I lied about working one weekend and went on a Ski Trip with friends and Patrick found out and he was mad as hell at me and anytime I would talk to him he would yell at me and came close to punching me in the face before Tyler stepped in.

I try to be a good friend to Patrick but as the School year was coming to an end I was wondering if I would ever see Patrick after school again and Patrick said he never wanted to see me again once School was over since he was set to Graduate.

Then around Prom Patrick was in a foul mood and I was going to get him a ticket for Prom and be a good friend because Graduation was coming and I just wanted to be a good friend to him but he wanted nothing to do with me and later that day during the School Talent Show I saw Patrick and asked him to come join me and the others but instead he sat alone and worst of all he did not talk to me at all for the rest of the day and I felt like I really failed as a friend.

Then after Prom Patrick was angry all because he couldn't go to Prom but I tried to help him. Then Patrick wanted to make plans for a Grad Party but instead we all said we was going to play Beer Pong and Patrick got so mad he said he was sick of us and said he hated us and never wanted to be our friend again.

A few days later Tyler tried to ask Patrick what his problem was and Patrick got really hostile towards him and was about to attack him but I had to stop it and Patrick was angry at me and was about to attack me.

Patrick would not eat lunch with me and I felt bad because it seemed like Patrick really didn't want to be our friend anymore and he made lunch exciting all the time.

Patrick would apologize a few days later before his last day of school and we would all take pictures before he left School.

We stayed in touch on Facebook but Patrick would send me angry messages and then when I made a mistake by getting his age wrong on his birthday but I told Patrick I would do something for him on his birthday and instead I went behind his back and he was pissed at me and I got pissed back because I was getting fed up with his anger and hostility towards me.

Then me and Patrick start talking about a couple of months later we start talking again and he said something about coming to Homecoming and I was excited to see him again and then Patrick never showed up and I asked him what happened he said he had no intentions of coming and that he lied to me just like I lied to him about doing something for his birthday and soon after that Patrick had unfriended me from Facebook and I would not hear from him for over a year.

Then in early 2010 Tyler and I thought about reconnecting with him only it wa also a ruse so we all unfriended him just to get rid of him because he never meant anything to us and then Patrick said that I will live to regret unfriending him and then he blocked me from Facebook and that's been over 10 Years Ago.

Lately i've been thinking about my old friend Patrick wondering how he's been in the past 10 Years I mean with COVID-19 I hope he's still alive somewhere in the world. I bet he still hates me after all the shit I did to him in High School and how me and Tyler pretended to want to reconnect with him just so we could unfriend him years ago and now i'm starting to regret I ever unfriended him.

Patrick I want you to know how sorry I am for all of the terrible things I have done to you, we should hate eachother for the rest of our lives, so Patrick I hope we can finally put behind our differences and be friends again

He's had me blocked for over 10 Years and I wish there was a way I could talk to him again and tell him how sorry I am but i'm afraid if he ever saw me in public he would try to beat the hell out of me.

I just hope there's a way to restore our friendship.

11 months ago

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    • No, leave him alone. He's probably living a happy life as an adult, has real friends, maybe even a love interest. Meanwhile, you and Tyler are still back in high school being insufferable punk bitches.

    • Sounds like you’re the punk bitch.
      Is it because you can’t get your punk ass filled with enough cock?

    • I get plenty of cock in my ass loser. I bet I get 10 times as much cock as you do and I get cocks 2 or 3 at a time!

      Take that ladyballs

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