How many?

How many dicks have you sucked? I’m on 13. I’m a MWM 30 year old from Montana. I’d like to suck multiple at once in a blow bang!

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  • Only three. If it was easier to make happen, I'd do more.

  • I'm a married guy with an oversexed wife (my 3rd wife) who is game for anything. One night when her and I were drinking she told me that she's had about 200 cocks in her life, at least the one's she remembers. I took some time to think about it and came up with a number of 75, most of them more times than once. She then told me that she did 11 guys in one night in the back of a van behind a bar. She had me beat on both counts, the most I've had was 8 during a birthday party for my first wife. She wanted to see me get fucked over and over, so I took each of their cocks in my mouth and ass, most often 2 at a time, and I don't know how many times I got fucked, but I do know I had semen running from my ass until the following day. I loved it, especially the way it made her so horny for a month or so. We spent all of our free time fucking.

  • No idea. 100? I'm a bi guy and I absolutely love it. Wish the number was much higher.

  • I'm 24 MWF and have sucked 8. It's just my husband these days, but he and 3 others were dating/relationships, and 4 were guy friends that I sucked on a post-high school grad trip in one weekend for fun.

  • Never sucked a cock , but I wanted too , but I humped a couple , some I even turned gay , but never before did I ever go Penis to Penis with another guy before . But I wanted too .

  • Ummm.... 185 different dicks, but many multiple times.

  • Is that considered a lot?

  • Only by those jealous of you

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