Dating twins didn't know at first

I started dating a girl, i say date, it was fucking really, basically i called at hers or she called at mine, always quite late so we had sex and fell asleep. I didn't realise she was a twin until she confessed that her sister had taken her place when she was busy one time, and then they kept it up, switching places. I thought she had an insatiable sexual appetite, turns out i was fucking twins and didn't know it.
When they told me, a number of odd things made sense suddenly. I pushed my luck and asked for a threesome, which i was shocked to get a 'yes' in response. Omg that was amazing. We talked after and decided it could be an ongoing thing. We are now in a three way relationship and share a flat. It's tiring but I'm very happy.

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  • I dated a woman in college who is a twin and she did not clue me into it at all. Her sister came to visit her and answered the door when I came to my girlfriends apartment. I leaned in and hugged her asking her how her day had gone and started to ask her what she wanted to do tonight when I noticed another woman sitting on the couch that looked just like her. I freaked at first then they both started laughing and I had to ask which one was which after like fifteen minutes of not telling me because they were exactly the same in every way.

  • A guy who married my elder cousins he was marrying 2 at the one time, different rooms and they looked alike but were cousins. classic story. he was so rich and its shocking what he did.

  • Not saying it is impossible, but I have had a threesome with my sister(my twin) before. And even for a bit shared the guy. But things get overly complicated in a three way relationship. Not always in the mood for a threesome and it always seemed like another girl was getting more attention than the other. It made things rocky for a while with my sister. So we eventually stopped it all together. So these things can happen but they are hard to keep going.

  • A long-standing fantasy of mine ...

  • It's like a dream I really have

  • Yes that happened... And I'm a nigger

  • Offensive.

  • Yes.... of course. Dream big son.

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