My co-worker is so hot

The day he started I was dreaming about him on top of me, not a single thing wrong with him except he was married. He took a few days off like a month ago and said he was moving, I asked him where they had found a new place at and he told me it was just him moving because she filed for divorce. I asked him if he needed any help but he told me that there was not a lot for him to move and then he made the comment that he would be hitting up a lot of garage sales.
I did not push him for details but I just want to go over to his place and get naked.

1 month ago

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    • There was a guy at my work I was into. He was married, but would talk to me about how difficult it was for him to be with her. I could tell he had a lot of anger. I brought him some files from work to his place and it was this crappy apartment, and that's when I found out they had "separated." I don't know what came over me, I said "do you want to hit me?" He was flabbergasted, but I got on my knees and said "you can hit me." He beat me and fucked me. It was good for him. Helped him through it all. I kind of hoped we'd end up together but his high school sweetheart, this religious girl, snagged him.

    • My work husband and I flirt all the time. Sometimes it gets so bad that if anyone heard us, they would swear to god we were having sex. It all really started by accident. Working on some equipment and ending up in awkward positions together, an accidental touch here and there, and before we knew it, sex became the joking subject. Although he did get a little frisky one time and intentionally ran his hand between my legs up to my whoo haw. I think he realized he may have gone too far when he saw my face. I never said anything, but I kind a liked it. Even if I am married to someone else.

    • If you want to get him back for the "whoo haw" hand rub, do the same to him and just glance his balls

    • My work partner, Linda 42 married pretty -- soccer mom, and I do tech trouble shooting. We're in the same cubical misplaced in the corner of the payroll office. The don't want us near the other techs because we tell them when they fuck up and we're not liked and might sugar coat fuck ups. When all goes well we do noting, but when the wheels come off it gets intense. We forgot more than they'll ever know. When we're both going crazy over an issue, she'll single timeout- turn her chair to me, "Joe, Lick my pussy" and she'll lift up her dress and expose it. She heard me says "suck my cock" after I hung up the phone on one of our fuck ups, and she's been doing it ever since.
      Linda: Joe, lick my pussy
      Me: You wish
      Linda: Duh!

    • Just eat that pussy

    • If you knew she's just doing a naughty work prank, knowing I won't lick it.

    • Could always give him a housewarming gift.

    • Offer to "christen" each room in his new house. He'll get the message. Or if you consider that too bold, tell him you'll accompany him to garage sales and estate sales and thrift stores. Tell him you are ALWAYS available to him, for ANYTHING HE WANTS!!! GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR before some other woman beats you to the beef. If you really want him GO GET HIM! Be aggressive! Be persistent! Be blatant! Act whorish!

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