I did a dirty trick on my Aunt

I pulled a dirty trick on one of my aunts. I was about 16 at the time and I read a lot of sex stories and I think that’s where I got the idea. My aunt was married and not many years older than me, a really pretty woman, very skinny but not skeleton skinny. She didn’t have any titties, just dark nipples on very slight puffs of fleshy mounds. She was also very athletic from doing gymnastics when she was younger. One day I was helping her with yard work and she just came out and said, if you come in and eat my pussy I’ll give you a blowjob. Fuck yeah! She got naked in the dining room and sat on the table in front of a chair and put her legs behind her head because she liked to watch. She was waxed completely smooth and the feel of her smooth pussy on my lips and face was awesome. After she cum she looked at the clock and said we don’t have time for a blowjob, I’ll give you a quickie handjob, in the bathroom. She wouldn’t let me fuck her because that was incest and she didn’t want to take a chance on getting pregnant. It was always the same story, no blow jobs and no fucking! I was being used! I was moving away soon so I had a plan. I have a black friend. Knew him all my life. I told him I needed a load of his jizz. I told him to jack off in a rubber and give it to me. He told me he ain’t jacking off in a rubber. I was desperate so I told him I would do it for him if he put the rubber on. We tried and he couldn’t cum with me looking at him, so, I sucked his dick. It’s a good thing he had that condom on! He told me it’s too bad I’m moving away. I went to my aunts for one last session. As I watched that beautiful bitch get naked I squeezed my friends jizz in my mouth. I did extra good eating my aunts pussy that time and I even wiped off her pussy trying to hide my deception. I got away with it? I had no idea the results would turn out like I planned. I was just a dumb kid walking around with a hard on. I was gone for about 10 years and when I went back home I found out my aunt got divorced because she gave birth to a baby boy who was decidedly not all white. That was about 30 years ago. To this day she swears her innocence and I’ve never told a soul, not her, not my friend…no one! There’s no way that should have worked, but it did. BTW, I don’t suck dicks, I’m disgusted by it, but that was business.


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  • Like sperm lives indefinitely, just ready to go if it finds a vagina.

  • Wow nice. You should have just told her I’m not eating your pussy any more until you blow me

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