Auntie Lou

I want to have intercoarse with MY aunt so bad I'm 51 and she is 85 I have wanted her for 40 years thinking of her all the time. Even when I was married I would think of her when having sex with my wife

1 year ago

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    • Give it to her

    • The Anti-Incest Warrior is a Fucking Retard!

    • I want to cum inside her vagina so bad without a condom and let the cum drip out

    • Go get it. Go to her house and tell her how you feel and fuck that old pussy

    • Not proper sex with my aunt but when I was around 15 - 16 I used to stay with my uncle and aunt occasionally. Uncle was a delivery driver and always started at around 6am and was home mid afternoon. Aunt didn't work so was always around the house. She was short and had a cute curvy body The 'sex' started when she used to join me in a morning shower. I used to feel her up as she gave me a wank or sucked me off, every day. Occasionally we would get into bed together but she wouldn't let me have sex, just wanks and blow jobs which she was much better at than girls of my own age. Great days!

    • When I was in college I lived with my aunt and uncle in Nevada. He was a highway patrolman, so gone all day, and my aunt would give me hand jobs, blow jobs, and let me play with her tits and pussy.
      It was a great time, it was almost every single day. She would not let me fuck her though, she said she saved that for my uncle.
      I could stick my fingers in there, and she would let me lick her.
      I asked her one day if I could fuck her butt, she said "Maybe someday" but never did let me. She is in her sixties now, I would do it today if she would let me. But this was all decades ago.

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