My drunk aunt

When I was much younger, I'm 50 now, so 38 years ago, my aunt came to live with us. No idea why my mom put her up un my room, but I shared a room with her. She was 42 at the time. One night she came home drunk (she was an alcoholic). It was around 2 am. I heard her come in, but pretended I was still asleep. Thinking she was gonna just go to bed. Next thing i know shes crawling in bed with me. She was naked. I used to sleep with just shorts on. Next thing I know, she pulls them down and s th arts giving me head. Still trying to pretend to be sleeping, my first blow job by a much older woman and shes my aunt. She then crawled up and guided me into her. I couldn't believe what was going on. She starts moaning saying how she loves my young cock. I came pretty fast. That was the first of 6 years of sex with my aunt til I joined the navy. She taught me a lot.

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  • When I was 15 napping on Sat afternoon -- I was a paperboy who got up every day at 5AM. I slept in the nude, we had no air conditioning in 1965 and it was a hot June day. My older sister and her girlfriend were to a wedding at the church nearby - they had been drinking with my dad and the GF's husband downstairs The girls came to my sister's room to priss up before the reception. The GF slips in my room and starts molesting me (me too with a smile) - starts as a handjob and morphs into my first blowjob. I was a busy kid and it was like 2 weeks since i jerked off. her head visibly was kicking back while I was cuming in her mouth. She gave out a "whooa" when I was done. She was 19 and had molested me before and taught me how to kiss. 8 years later I run into her at the County Fair beer garden -- she's divorced and we have sex in my car and start a 2 year long friends with benefits thing. I kibitz her about the BJ. She says she wishes I was 4 years older back then -- and we'd be married.

  • So for 6 years your "aunt" lived and slept in your bedroom with you, a teenage boy, and had sex with you the whole time? All while living in your parents house?
    When did the name for jacking off change from Rosy Palm to Aunt Hand?

  • I never said she lived with us the whole 6 years. I said 6 years of having sex. She did move in with us. But through her alcoholism, she moved from home to home with people she met at bars. You dont know me so dont judge or come st with me with shit you dont know.

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