Idk why

Idk why but I've always had my mind pop to this randon thought that I can't get out of my head. Whenever my ex was being quiet, my mind would go to imagining us having sex, and someone sees us and starts getting hard just watching us. And then he like, can't help himself and starts jerking off to us having sex. As he's rubbing one out, another guy comes in to joins and everyone is watching us cum and touching themselves. When they cum they shoot it all over me. Idk why this pops in my head, does anyone else have this happen?

1.1 years ago


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    • I’ve been blowing my bf, looked up, and seen our next door neighbor looking in our window, stroking himself.

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    • I always wanted to have sex with my uncle l would get horny when I’ll see him and I would touch myself every night thinking about him. I went to his house by myself and I told myself this was the night. So he greeted me like usual and I sat with him at the couch and we talked. He kept looking at my boobs I didn’t say anything I just looked at him smiling and he kept touching them and I grabbed his cock and started rubbing it he got so hard so I got on my knees and sucked him off. It was so good and his cock was so long. We ended having sex and it was amazing.

    • My wife’s fantasy is to do a strip tease, give lap dances and get a lot of guys hard and really worked up and then she lays down and touches her self naked while they stand over her and jerk off on her. She just wants lots of guys desiring her and cumming to her but they can’t have her.

    • No, l don't know your ex.

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