My mates wife started to flash me

Ok this happened a few years ago but it is still one of the hottest things that ever happened to me.
My mate and his wife used to call over regular for drinks and a chat for an evening and leave around 1130 most Fridays.
She started to sit opposite me a lot as I sat on the floor. they had the sofa I’d like to stretch out with my back to the chair.
I started noticing that she would wear skirts more and more where she used to wear jeans .
Then it caught my eye that her legs were parting everytime I looked towards her and her husband.
I got butterflies in my gut when I saw she was wearing white lace knickers which you could make out her cunt lips and small amount of hair.
I could feel my cock serge in my jeans and made it quite uncomfortable.
One Friday she rings to say that she and my mate had a bit of a row and he went off in a huff and could I get her and take her home .
I did and she and my rider drank and talked for hours .
I was upstairs when I heard footsteps it was her wanting to go to the toilet . She stopped and talked to me for a min or so , then she said she had to pee , I found it strange she kept talking to me while she went to the loo and didn’t shut the door ,I couldn’t make out what she was saying so went to ask her , when I got to the door she had already lifted her skirt up dropped her knickers and was still talking to me and now looking at me with no inhibition at all.
I could see her trimmed cunt with the her lips perfectly on show as she sat down on the seat , still talking ! I had no idea what she was saying but could feel my cock getting harder .
After she had finished she stood up with a small piece of loo paper and dried her cunt lips right I front of me as if it was normal.
She went back downstairs and left me gob smacked.
The time came to take her home which I did and the tension on the car was noticeable .
It felt she wanted me to make a move.
Sitting next to me she raised her skirt slightly to scratch her leg showing a bit more flesh but nothing happened.
The next day I was talking to my mate and was telling me when she got in he as in bed and she practically fucked hum senseless I laughed but figured out she must have got off on flashing me and turned her in a frenzy of just to be fucked.
Two weeks later I had to call over to fix the computer for her as he was useless , when I got there I asked where Tony was “ gone finishing “
Ok no prob I thought I’ll just get it done quicker. She then says she has to ale a bath I said no problem . I started going through the pc when she walks past in just a towel and I can see the bathroom from the spare room where the pc was . She walks in the bathroom partly closes the door but the mirror is on view and you can see the whole bathroom .I hear the bath running I look round and can see her standing over the toilet totally naked with her cunt soaped up and there she is shaving her cunt .
I stood up to get a closer view fuck she was stunning , about 5foot 6 big round tits with big nipples and small waist big hips . I could have cum in my pants looking at her. She fished shaving totally clean and I could see her go to the sink to wash her hands and rubbing her cunt with water .
She then stated to call out to ask how I’m getting on , I don’t know why but I walked in and said it’s going good , there she was naked and me just looking at her . She could see my cock was hard but just got in the bath . Her body glistened in the water I just started for what seemed like an hour but was probably seconds.
She then asks fo you like me like this , oh fuck yes I said . Why don’t you fit on the ooo and talk while I bathe so I did . She stated to wash her cunt and I involuntary gasped . She tells me if you want to you can masturbate . I took my cock out and I did and so did she . She rubbed her clit so fast I could nearly see her hand . She came fast yet kept going within mins I had cum watching her . She came three times altogether. I felt a bit out of it and said I better get back to fix the pc she smiled and I went back to the skate room.
That was the first time anything real sexual had happened . We did eventually fuck many times and she loved sex as dirty as it comes . She would swear and talk dirty as I’d fuck her she would want me to finger her arse hole and call her a slut . I obliged . She wanted me to take her to the woods and fuck her and started talking about getting others involved like a few more guys .
It was getting too much for me at that point so I had to stop but I now know of three other guys who have met her and she has had two guys at once. I also know if one young guy fucking her who was 17 where she was 40!
How can such a gorgeous woman be so sex hungry is amazing .
I know it sounds far fetched but I had to write it down to read it myself as I can’t really believe everything that happened and more !
They did split up but not because of her being caught . She left him as she had a full on affair with someone she worked with .

1 year ago

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