Buddy and I out of the military

It was about 30 some years ago, a buddy Andi had just got out of the military. We decided to party the coming up weekend to celebrate getting out alive. The weekend rolled around and so we had some pretty good alcohol and afewother things that I was curious about.
After my first time to try some party pharmacuticals and a drink or 2, I know was feeling about as hornet asi hadin along time. My buddy Andi knew each other for a bunch of years, he knew about me being a crossdresser, sitting around doing what we were, I just blurted out to him "I want to feel your cock in myouth". So we went to my then gf's bedroom and got some of her lingerie items to put on. He had some piece swimsuit Andi had on pantyhose. I was feeling a bit nervous about it but then I just reachedunder the swimsuit he was wearing Andi kept reaching for his cock. When I did find it, I just couldn't help but think I wanted to my mouth right now. But I tried to hold back. I did, for about 30 seconds. I pulled his cock out to let me get my face down there and I just picked my lips and then I went down. I felt his hard cock press thru my lips and asmy lips slid down his hard cock, I almost cum myself. Anyway we took turns off and on for about 6 weeks giving each other a blow job. I tried one ce for better part of an hour to get him to cum for me to experience. It never happened. Everytime he would suck my cock I would always cum and he always swallowed. That weekend we did more for each other's cock than I hadin a long time. I even went as far as licking his fresh showered ass and was fingering his ass when I sucking his cock in hopes to get him to cum for me. Then in my curiousityi even asked him if he would please fuck mein my ass, I'm curious too. But another night we came home drunk again, I remember him pulling my cock out of my jeans, and of course I was hard and next thing I know he's sitting his ass down on my cock. It was feeling pretty good and tight, then anoisein the other room,so he jumped up and that was the last of that and never tried again.
I will say 5ho,I really wanted to continue to have his cock to suck whenever I wanted but that didn't happen. If he walked in my door right now I would really want to ask him to let me do it again. I really do miss having a cock to do with as i want to. But I will say,it was fun while it lasted.

1 month ago

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