I am a pervert

I have been beating my meat for over 57 years. I am religious and used to feel so sinful as a teen, spending so much time jerking off with every chance I got. It wouldn't take much to bring my dick from soft to rock hardness. I found that I liked to tickle my butthole while pounding my dick. My cum would blast out like a cannon. One day I found one of those wooden paddles kids use with a rubber band and a red ball attached. This paddle didn't have one. I grabbed the paddle in my left hand. My dick was leaking precum at this time. I was still filled with guilt, but was so horny I couldn't see straight. I dropped to my knees and bent over. I began stroking my bloated dick, while berating myself for being such a nasty pervert who deserved to go to Hell. "Take that, and that, and that you nasty pervert!", I would yell. At the same time, whack Whack, Whack!, could be heard throughout the room as I used that paddle to redden my asscheeks. It stung so good! Faster and faster I would go smacking my ass and beating my horny dick. Soon, the room would be filled with the sounds of me screaming,"Oh my God! Here it cums!!". Soon the sound of my cum could be heard hitting the linoleum floor in big plops. I am such a hopeless chronic masturbator.

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  • Sounds like you're a faggot.

  • Who cares you are another man that masturbates!

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