My distant cousin

Id love to drill my cousin Annarita! She is soo fit and I look at her Instagram in her bikini and such and I cant help myself but to picture me fucking her! I want to lick her asshole and plug it with my dick! I recently saw a pic of her at the beach with a white bikini and I just want to ram her with no regrets!! She is soo tan and I just want to play with her! I know I shouldn't feel like this but my dick is throbbing thinking what could have been! She wouldn't know me from a fly on the wall maybe if I run into her I can make a move and hopefully drill her before she realizes that we r family! At the end of the day we all have needs...she needs the D and I need her pussy ass and mouth!

1 month ago

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    • There's this girl who does nudes/lite porn, goes by the name of "Chloe18." She looks JUST like my cousin who I desperately want to fuck. Same body, face. I musta jacked off to Chloe18 a thousand times moaning my cousin's name. I even bought a good color printer just to print out pix of her, and of my cousin, and then I bought a blow-up doll, and have had some epic fuck sessions. I know it sounds pretty pathetic. Maybe it is. Don't care!

    • I love it! I bought a sex toy too! I moan to my wife's sister and cousin all the time! Its soo fucking hot!

    • I drilled my cousin's anus and it was so tight I thought it was going to snap my dick off! She played with her clit and squirted as shot into her bowels. An experience of unparalleled joy!

    • Hot! Id love to pound my cousins ass too!

    • Which one is best one please? I want to make the jack off

    • I jacked off to Annarita Cerqueira yesterday
      I jacked off to Annarita Esposito today
      I have a jack-date with Annarita Erthal tomorrow
      Maybe Annarita Maestri too I'll go for a twofer

    • I looked at a couple Annaritas on Instagram. What cock-hungry hobeasts! Boy you will be a lucky man if you drill her shitter. Get on that!

    • I hoped u looked at the right one!

    • I have made cum on my phone over every one of them! Dozens !

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