Giving a sample?

I was in my Doctor's office, full Medicare physical. It was way more thorough than I would have expected, partly because my wife had passed 10 years earlier so my lifestyle was sedentary.
The heavy set lady Doctor asked for Urine and Sperm sample which was a new one on me, but I went into the tiny room to do it. The Urine was easy, but the other I had given up many years before and after a few minutes it was clear that it just was not going to happen.
A knock on the door and some questions came after about a half hour, suddenly the door came open and a middle aged Nurse was giving me a hand job, which for some reason I don't know worked in about 60 seconds.
How is that? A hand job in a Doctor's office, something I would suggest is only a fantasy for most.

1 month ago

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    • There‚Äôs a hospital near me and I throw my cum on the nurses waiting at the bus stop. Kinda the same thing?

    • For what reason would a doctor want a sperm sample from you? Unless your partner was trying to get pregnant and that wasn't working! Physicals do not include sperm samples at all.

    • On the one hand there's nothing less sexy than a goddamn doctors office, but on the other hand nurses are all batshit crazy insane, so this would totally happen and I can see the attraction. Nurses are all walking talking sex monkeys so why not.

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