Caught the wife cheating, got even.

Alright, so me and the wife have been married for 12 years and have sex a couple times a week. Over the last few months I've noticed it go down to once a week, even if I ask for it. She hadn't become too distant so I didn't want to think something was up. I did however install a key logger on her pc and what I found out pissed me off. She'd been seeing a man, in my bed, for months while I was working late pulling overtime to make ends meet. I was pretty busted up for a few weeks, but said nothing. When I was at work I wasn't acting like I normally do, was just bummed out and the front desk receptionist who's always been friendly with me took notice. She asked me what was up and I spilled everything over lunch. She's was so nice and kind to me and over a couple weeks we got to know each other a lot. She's pretty cute so I said fuck it, took her out on a date. It went well and we went back to her place and fucked like rabbits. We made the decision to work towards becoming exclusive, and she gave me the idea for my revenge. Nothing big but fun. We figured out that the wife was planning on going out to lunch with her fuck boy then come back to my house and screw all day while I was working super late. I told my boss I couldn't work that day and instead went to my new girlfriends house at the normal time I usually leave for work. Spent all day with her until I knew my wife would be out of the house. So we went there. About 20 minutes before we knew they'd be back we started having sex, taking it slow to last. The look on my wife and her lovers face when my girlfriend said "surprise! Consider this a divorce!" Was priceless. I exploded inside her as soon as she said it. All hell broke loose lol. I packed some things and moved in with my new girl. Divorce papers are on their way!

1 month ago


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    • You could have a revenge and make her fuck boy pay for it. You missed

    • Fuck that! Haha alimony! Ive cheated on my wife numerous times!! Wife was a bitch so she gets cheated on! She got no alimony and I keep my pension!! Stupid bitch! Lmao

    • You blew it! You could have easily walked away with most of the marital property and even got to stay where you live. But since you cheated it is back to 50/50 fool and maybe alimony payments fool.

    • That a boy just a matter of time your wife fuck boy dumps her

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