Nasty husband

Hi I'm frank i brought home a friend he happened to be black and we were hanging out and i ran to the store and i told him while i was gone to see if he could get my girlfriend to fuck him and he was glad to my ex is an ex stripper she said she'd done a few three ways and it was pretty hot but she didn't think that fucking around was right so she was faithful up to that day so i went to the store and was gone about 45 mins when i came back i heard moaning and laughing and as i walked into our bed room there was my ex with 11 inches of solid rock black cock in her mouth and she turned and said this is what you want i said i want him in your pussy she said only if she did she'd have to sit on my face so he could fuck her right in my face and i was to lick her pussy to make her cum on his giant cock i jumped on the bed and she crawled over and i started eating and licking her pussy she immediately began sucking and stroking me and my buddy came around and his cock was huge so i pulled her pussy open and watched him put it up to her entrance his cock was right in my face as she rocked back and took him into her and moaned and said he was huge now i decent 7.5 maybe and eat pussy like a retard eating ice cream out of a bucket with no spoon so any ways shes sucking my cock as he grabs her hips and began pushing into her it was so hot and he slid right in man let me tell you i almost came right then she was moaning as i got him to stop nut deep in her and just wiggle his huge cock around in her as i licked her pussy and sucked on her clit as he started to get a good relaxed pace he'd pop out and I'd put him back in made her cum over and over again on his giant black cock as i ate her and watched her fuck on my face his balls were slapping against my face and he was grunting and talking shit about how good her pussy was and how he wanted to do her all the time now that she takes all his big dick and wants more it was so hot so im licking and its been about 45 mins or so I've cum 2 times in her mouth and he started grunting and saying he was about to cum and right as he was about to cum he slipped his cock out and slid right in my mouth and pushed hard and grabbed my head and came in my mouth and was telling me to swallow his cum i came again in my ex's mouth and he came and came and came i had to swallow over and over again ive never came so much never new that guys came so much but i just swallowed and swallowed and loved it and she even started talking dirty stuff like how i lile sucking black cock and how i wanted him to feed me cum and i just kept sucking his cock the feel of his smooth silky skin sliding in and out og my mouth him throbbing and his cum all his cum all i could do is swallow as he forcefully held it in my mouth telling me that i was now his cock sucker and his was going to be playing with his new toys often now we had young kids in the house that weren't there that weekend and i brought that up and we agreed to work around it he did start hanging out quite a bit more I'd come home from work and they'd be fucking I'd shower and join in and once in awhile he come by just to go out to my work shop out back and push me to my knees and he'd have me swallow one on my knees as he talked shit to me i love interracial sex and creampies never did he ever try to take my cherry but i think I'd like that being fucking a woman and have a black man come up from behind amd take my cherry and she feels his pace as he pushing into me driving me with him into her as i cum over and over as he takes my cherry and i want to feel him slide all the way in and lean down and in my ear telling me I'm cumming in your guts I'm breeding you take my cum as i feel him shout into me as i cum again in her pussy i think I'd enjoy that maybe have me suck him a little first as she watches or as she's sucking me and after me he could wash up and I'd suck him hard and put him into her pussy and as he's ready to cum slips out and into my mouth and i swallow every drop and she cums on my face as I'm trying to swallow load after load this is my confession and my desire I've even had fantasies of 2 black men and my girlfriend and i take turns being used by both

2 months ago

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    • You need to teach a writing course.

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