My Wife’s Burning Desire

My gorgeous white wife Margaret wants to try a guy with a bigger cock I too want this to happen I’m a little on the small side snd I would live to see her getting the big girth long cock she deserves and she too wants this also let us know what you got

Jul 16
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    • What's your email.?? Email me buddy //

    • Margaret, it’s July 31. Looking to reconnect so we can plan our rendezvous in Dallas. Also want to tell you about the other weekend.

      Miss you my Louisiana Princess

    • It takes a special kind of man to let his wife have sex with someone else especially when the other guy has a bigger dick than he does. My husband is average size for a white man about 6 inches I don't have a problem with his size it was his idea for me to have sex with a black guy when we were on vacation. He was a couple of inches longer than my husband but he was definitely thicker a lot thicker. Once I got used to his size I really started to enjoy myself I never had multiple orgams with my husband but I sure did with this guy. Now my husband let's me go out once a month or so to find a guy that has a nice big dick and I have the time of my life for a couple of nights. My husband was the one who started this so I don't feel bad about it and we still have a great sex life together.

    • My husband too wants me to take on a black friend of his I know he’s packing when he comes over to swim his trunks look like an eggplant is in there I’m really would like to see his man hood

    • If that is your hubby’s desire and you desire it as well then don’t hold back as you will regret missing the opportunity.

      However, as a woman who was in your position before be prepared to develop an unbridled desire for nothing but BBC. Fulfilling my desire was the best thing I ever did. It marked the end of my marriage but I have never been happier

    • Wouldn't want anything to get in the way of your happiness. It's just a penis and you destroyed your marriage for it? Messed up sacrificing all for a nigger dick. Update us when starts beating on you or finds another loose pussy to drill. Followup when menopause begins and your cunt dries up. Better yet, let us know when his black bitch comes knocking looking for baby daddy and finds you.

    • I really do want to try his big cock it looks so damn good bulging in those swim shorts the biggest I’ve every had was 6 inch’s I bet he’s way bigger

    • I understand and agree, but trust me if you do only BBC will do. It’s not the length but the girth and how beautiful those big black mambas look

    • Margaret, I commented on your last note did you see it?

    • I did it posted under what do you think

    • Margaret, where are you? Haven’t seen a reply to my post from 3 days ago. Wanted to share with you how the weekend has gone and how much I been thinking of my Cajun Princess 👸

    • My wife always made me feel that my penis below average. She said that her former lovers well extremely well endowed. She also has expressed a desire to get her some BBC.
      It sort of made me feel inadequate,
      After some counciling and some honest conversations it was so much as she needed a huge dick, she just wanted something different and wanted to put it all on me.
      The new wife says I really big, doesn't hesitate to suck my dick or make love to me.

    • Good for you. As a woman I will say that once a woman has a huge BBC nothing else will satisfy so I am glad you have a new wife who is satisfied with you.

      That is important

    • Sorry, starting at the top. Wasn’t able to post as my wife wanted more before I went to the office.

      She told me that she wanted another “pounding”. I fucked her so hard last night and this morning. She had multiple orgasms and I came twice each time (all while thinking of Margaret).

      Your wife sounds amazing and my wife is enjoying how horny thinking of Margaret is making me.

    • I like to hear that your pounding your wife so fucking hard and thinking of me especially when you start to cum inside her Hi I’m Margaret I see yourself and my husband Mark have been talking about snd all that being said it makes me horny also to know men think of me in that way I do like your mind set on this and your cock size will be a new experience for myself you sound like someone I do want to have great sex with

    • And I forgot to say if we click I do not mind growing my pubic hair out for you

    • Oh Margaret, I absolutely luv fire bush!!

      BTW, when I got home my wife surprised me. She sent my daughter out to spend the evening with her friends and took her new car.

      So when I got home and went to the bedroom I was surprised to find her in bed ready to GO. I didn’t even have time to get undressed. I dropped my pants and pounded her. I watched her 38Cs and closed my eyes so I could imagine your 46DD’s. Once she began to moan and I had that visual in my head I absolutely exploded inside of her as we climaxed together. She begged me not to stop but I was weak in the knees as I was pounding her balls deep and could feel that I was “topping out”.

      She then finished taking my clothes off and got on top grinding my penis deep inside of her. She knows that the feeling of her cervix flicking back and forth over my penis head drives me crazy and I came again quickly.

      I then felt that my “little guy” was losing his level of excitement so I closed my eyes and started thinking of you taking me for a “ride” and it was hard again. My wife said, “OH my God, you are an animal and I am going to fuck you dry”. Well when we reached climax again I had an amazing orgasm but no ejacaculate.

      Sharon was so disappointed. She said that she is needs more and that I have a few hours to rest but need to be ready and perform once the Astros game is over.

      Hope you don’t mind if I think of you. Can’t wait to get to know you

    • Oh yes please I love to hear about men fucking their wives and thinking of me would Sharon be into another woman that thought has crossed my mind also I do like to see a woman’s naked body and i think it would’ve fun to clean both of you up after you and her had reached an all time high climax will she do anal for you also that makes me Cum as hard as vaginal sex I really want mark to get a good view of you stretching his wife’s holes and filling them with cum

    • I’m not at all disappointed in your feelings and I respect them I don’t give out information on these sites I will be out of town till July 31 but maybe we could just meet somewhere in public the weekend of Aug 5 I do want to get to know you and adjust to your cock size and then give Mark a show he won’t forget Mark is ok with me staying a weekend with you he said his only rules was keep me naked full of dick and overflowing with your cum do you have a place in mind and do you mind if Mark drops me off and maybe have a few drinks with us before you and I drift off into some great sex I just can’t get the thought out of my head of taking a cock in me of your size

    • Margaret, oh my. Reading you post is making me so hard. Regarding our first meeting are you saying we meet socially? Or do we want to meet in a public place with the expectation of the possibility of sexual exploration?

      As for the weekend of Aug 5, I have plans to have a romantic get away with my wife to celebrate our anniversary. So it’s in my best interest to keep that “date”.

      Would you want me to meet you in Monroe or you come over to Houston. If we are going to spend a weekend together getting to know and enjoy each other I would much rather do it in a nice hotel and not a midrange or budget hotel.

      I want you to enjoy the experience and desire additional encounters.

      I also can’t wait to experience giving anal sex and was thinking that with those gorgeous 46DDs you might allow me to give you a pearl necklace (a first for me as well)

    • Your thoughts my lovely Margaret ?

    • I would be up to meet in Dallas maybe on a Friday night and have some drinks and then get a room for the weekend all I can think of is taking your big cock inside me I’m dying to tease you cum on my lips and the mix of our cum on your big cock I will bring lube because it’s going to be a little tricky getting that big cock in my tight ass but I can’t wait to feel that feeling let me know what weekend

    • Oh my. I wish it could be this weekend. I want you so bad. I’ve been pounding Sharon but I’m thinking your pussy is going to be soooo tight by comparison as we have two kids and Sharon gave natural birth Alesia gave birth to 3. So my expectations are that you may be a bit tighter. I just hope I don’t cum too fast.

      BTW, Mark said you are a natural redhead but your hair is dyed and you have 46DD breast with large rather dark areoles. Can you describe yourself.

      I’ll need to find out when we move our daughter into her new apartment before we can plan a weekend. Wish we could meet up tonight. I’m so fricking horny and my wife is tired and says that I need to rest up for the weekend with her and Alesia. But I want to fill you with cum right NOW. I’ve never been sooo excited and horny. I can’t stop thinking of your blue eyes and 46DD and that right pussy and ass.

      Guess I’m going to sleep upstairs again. But I’m going to wack off thinking of you if you don’t mind.

      BTW, I luv to eat pussy. Are you open to oral. I don’t think I’ve ever had sex without first eating out first. Hope you are ok with that. I simply love the taste of pussy and it is a great way to get your pussy ready.

    • Margret, we do have a long time relationship with a woman in our neighborhood. Sharon became “close friends” with her when the kids were small. I did not realize it at the time but they were sexual.

      Years later for my 40th we had a three way. Sharon did not like it at first but by the time I was done pounding her petite friend she was very into it and went down to clean her up. We have been enjoying each other now for almost 12 years.

      That is how I have grown so fond of red heads. Sharon arranged for us to have a little weekend together as she said, “if you are so horny and pounding me like this. You are going to break Alesia”

      BTW, I slept upstairs last night and plan not to go down till Sharon leaves for work. My little guy needs some rest.

      As for anal, I never had the opportunity but would love the opportunity to have you be my first.

      As for a threesome, I think we can work up to that. Personally I don’t have an issue with Mark watching us either, but I would like for us to explore each other and enjoy the process of “getting to know each” a few time first. That way we can give Mark a show he will never forget

      Damn you got me rock hard agian!

    • That’s fine I would like it to also be you and I the first few times and Mark has no problem with that as long as I bring him some proof of you being inside me home haha I can’t wait to have you feel the great feeling of a tight ass around your big cock and I can’t wait for myself to feel a cock of your size deep inside my ass I’m glad to hear that later down the road you are ok with a threesome with Mark and I because I want to feel the excitement of Mark’s smaller cock in my pussy and then you slide your big cock balls deep into my ass I’m so fucking horny thinking about the size of your cock and it being in all my holes soon I would love to do a threesome with yourself and Sharon later if that’s possible I didn’t shave my pubic area last night so it’s starting to grow so do you like just pubic hair and smooth pussy or hair around my pussy also I’m sort of turned thinking of me growing my hair back out for another guy

    • I’m happy to hear you’re ok with it just being us to start. Regarding Mark, once you and I get to know each other well I am ok with having your husband watch us but I do NOT do threesomes with other men. I am not allowing another man to touch my cock and my ass is off limits.

      I’m ok with Mark having the pleasure of watching you be pleasured by me, but like I said we need to “practice”. We need to get to know each other. I want Mark’s mind to be blown away with the intensity of our mutual enjoyment.

      As for a threesome with Sharon. That will take time. I do not want her aware of our little secret. It has to be her idea as it was her idea to open our marriage to Alesia all those years back.

      I just hope you aren’t disappointed with me.

      When and where would you like to meet. Should we talk on the phone or FaceTime before meeting up? Or just meet somewhere with the intent of wild passionate sex?

      Either way I can’t wait and Margaret, I just want you to know every time I have sex with Sharon I am going to be thinking of your 46DDs and that tight pussy of yours.

    • Move up four post I reposted under it the top has junk pictures on it

    • My wife used to have a boyfriend who was around nine inches and thick. She said it hurt when he fucked her. I bet she would like it now.

    • hit me up let's talk

    • Mine is a out 6-1/2 hard. My wife called it small a couple times when she mad. Anyway when we were dating she cheated with a black guy . I remember her starting to walk funny . When she stopped fucking him I had ask her if he was big she noted yes and said he called it a python. 30 years later gets me hard think of her getting plowed by a big black cock and her slurping on it.

    • Lucky lady. Nothing better than a BBC.

      6.5 is average size.

    • Funny thing is the women I have cheated with have not complained. I have fucked about a 100 barback over the years some once others a few times. I think my wife just tried to play a head game by calling it small and me knowing she fucked a bbc. I told her about 3 years ago I was not mad at her she was young and wanted a bigger cock then me . I would acutely be mad If i found out he was smaller then me cause then it would be wtf you cheat for. If it's was bigger like I think it was can't get mad at her for wanting to get plowed .

    • I like the way you think. A lady needs to be stretched and though 6.5 is good bigger is always better

    • Smallish side? 😂 that means you have a tiny, thin dicklet! She’s looking on her own and she’ll find it if she’s as gorgeous as you say.

    • Margaret? Is that you? It’s your Texas Bull. Did you get what you needed or are you still searching?

    • Must be a different Margaret this is our first post on here but if your interested we are open

    • Yes, I may interested. Where are you guys from? Please tell me about yourself and your wife.

    • I can’t see your post up top can you maybe reply here

    • Margaret. Did you see my reply to your Dallas post?

    • We are from Monroe Louisiana Like I stated I’m only 5 full hard and small girth and we have desired to have a guy with and nice long big girth cock have sex with her as I watch she is 44 years old and I’m 52 she’s 5 ft 8 tall 183 lbs with long black hair 46DD’s nice hairless pubic area and into oral, vaginal and anal sex tell us a little about yourself and cock size please

    • I’m 51, six foot tall 235. Married for 27 years and a father of 3. My cock is between 7 and 7.5 inches with a girth just a tad bigger than a toilet paper roll.

      Personally I prefer bushy pussy, but I love to give and receive oral. Your wife sounds amazing. Would love to make her orgasm with my tongue then fill her up with cum and lick it clean till she orgasms again. I always wanted to do that but my wife will not allow me to go down and eat that cream pie.

    • Your cock size is for sure what her and I have discussed that would be the biggest she has ever had she’s on been with three other guys before we married snd six was her biggest and yes we would not a problem at all with you licking her clean she can’t have kids do yes fill her up with cum for sure she’s working late but tomorrow I want for you snd her to start talking and we also wouldn’t mind her letting her bush come back nice and red she is natural redhead and natural tits also she does have some nice thick pussy lips

    • OMG. Redheads drive me wild. My last GF before I met my wife was a redhead.

      The woman that my wife and I have threesomes with is a petite redhead.

      I CAN’T wait. Getting HARD just thinking of your lovely wife. Tell me does your wife have large or small areoles? Are the pale pink? Does she have some freckling on her bosom?

    • She has pretty large areoles and a little dark for a redhead and yes she does have freckling it also makes me hard to here another guy say my wife makes him hard I think I’m going to enjoy y’all getting to know each other I’ll be glad to answer any questions about her for you and then I can’t wait for y’all to talk all I can think of is the look on her face with a bigger cock pushing into her

    • What color is your angel’s eyes?

      How long have you been married? You said no children? That is so sexy. I bet her pussy is nice and tight.

      How long is Margret’s hair?

      Damn I’m getting sooo fricking hard. Hope you don’t mind if I am thinking of Margret as I fuck my wife tonight. My wife won’t know what hit her ;)

    • Her eyes are a blue green we’ve been married seventeen years no kids and yes she is tight in both holes her hair comes down to her mid back and yes please do think of my wife Margaret as you fuck your wife and more so when you start to cum I will have Margaret on here this afternoon I have jerked off already thinking of you pleasuring Margaret with your big cock

    • Bringing conversation to the top

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