Video of my girlfriend cheating

I was out of town this weekend and my girlfriend and her friends had a "girls night out" on Saturday. The whole night she never texted me back except for a "I love you" at like 2 in the morning. Today I got home early and she was still hard asleep, I took her phone and went through her texts. The first one was one of her friends, it said, "Can you send that video of last night?" I went to her photos and then her videos and my stomach dropped. Her latest video was of her in only panties, on her knees giving some guy a blowjob, her friend was filming and egging her on from behind the camera, saying stuff like "suck it girl." She's also putting way more enthusiasm then I've ever gotten. The video ends with her bobbing away, its about 15 seconds. I'm sick, I don't know what to do

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  • My wife came back from her official tour and she had to mail some documents or something I am not sure, her laptop was on and her email was open when I entered her Room which she use for home office purpose. I had just made a coffee ( I am jobless and retired to home making) and was bringing the coffee tray to her room and saw she just entering the bathroom and closing the door. So as I turned to keep the coffee on her table, I saw her laptop on and an email just popped up. It simply stated Hi honey Gd Morning. See the attachment. Our memoir of last night. Enjoy. Have a good day. Curiosity gave way and I opened the attachment which was a video of her lying naked with her boss and she was earnestly requesting not to take video. Though I knew there may have some thing like that going this was the hard proof. Without wasting time I got it copied to my phone and made the message unread. Though there was no action of sexual thing in the video as both were naked I later was feeling a thrill and decided to upload the same on the Internet for the public to enjoy, can view at Still viewing that video and the seeing the number of hits I masturbates when my wife is at office. At times whenever I get a chance I would scan her laptops and even belongings to get hold of any such evidence but have not been successful.

  • She is your girlfriend not your wife. Be happy you found out what a slut she really is. Now you need to find some courage and tell her what you found and walk out the door. You should also stay away from her shit ass girlfriends.

  • Wake her up with your dick in her mouth. Remind her who she belongs to.

  • I only let my wife have girls night out at proper restaurants. No clubs, no bars. She has to be home by midnight. Why? Because when they get in packs, women will frequently try to out-slut each other.

  • You sound so weak

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater. It'll be hard, but dump her. You'll be better off with someone else. I've been there, done that.

  • Decide which path you want long-term:

    1. Many guys don't want their women to be sluts. If that is you, dump her.

    2. Many guys want their faithful women to be sluts and would get kicks from it. If that is you, keep her.

  • Agreed. And I know from my own experience that it's possible to move from the first group to the second. I took my wife's virginity when we first started dating, and was extremely protective of her and couldn't even bear the thought of another man seeing her naked.
    That was 20 years ago. Now there's nothing in the world I love more than licking her clit while another man fucks her, making her cum on his cock, watching him unload inside her married pussy, and licking her clean the moment he pulls out. If it were up to me I'd be watching her orgasm on a different cock every night. People change!

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