Hen weekend

With everything starting to get back to normal, my wife and her gal pals decided to take a little trip to Spain for a week. There are 7 women in their little hen party. Two of which I get along really well with and one that I cannot stand.

They had no more and returned when one of the girls whom I get along really well with, stopped by my office to visit. I invited her into my office and asked her how the trip went. She proceeded to tell me that my wife had been a total slut on the trip. They had met this group of guys on the first night there, and the girls got a little crazy with them. She said she had witnessed my wife having sex with this guy at least 3 times, and she was pretty sure the had sex every night.

I didn't believe her at first, but she called her friend, the other girl I get along with, and she told me the samething. I left my office and went home to confront her. She didn't deny it and said she was just having a little fun. She dismissed it as no big deal and couldn't understand why I was upset.

The next day, the girl who told me, returned to my office to see how things went with my wife. I told her about her attitude, and we talked for awhile. As we sat on the couch in my office, she leaned over and kissed me. We had sex right there in my office.

I moved out of the house and have a place at the hotel for now. My friend is stopping by every night to check on me. And to have sex.

2 days ago

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    • Nice rebound! Do you intend to turn this into a LTR? Is she better in bed than your wife? Better body? Better pussy? Does she do things your wife refuses to do? Does she want to take you away permanently?
      Again, I love the way you are playing this and I hope you'll continue to shag this babe and use her to hurt and embarrass your wife and teach her a lesson. I really love this girl, and I hope you'll keep us abreast of progress in the relationship. I would love it if you wind up married to her and really rub your wife's nose in it!!!

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