My first gay experience

In my late 20s, I finally acted on a gay fantasy. I went to a notorious adult book store that had those booths you could watch videos. I left the door slightly open and turned on raunchy gay porn. I watched as the door slowly opened and this older guy comes in. I nod so he knows its ok. He sits beside me and begins touching my cock. I reach for his. It felt wayy bigger than mine. He pulls his pants down and gestures for me to suck it. The way it felt in my mouth was incredible. It was thick and long but I tried to do a good job. He stood up in front of me and gently but firmly guided my head on his cock to show me what he liked. I was surprised at how much if it i could fit in my mouth. I felt high from sucking his meat, my whole body seem to be cumming over and over. He had me bend over. I was wayy apprehensive. I could feel his large finger rubbing lube on my hole. Then I could feel the head of his cock pushing against me. He went a little to fast and it really hurt so he had to pull out. I reached back and guiding his cock and pushed back very slowly. It immediately went from pain to pleasure. The sensation was one of being full and this wonderful persistent pressure. He fucked me slow and deep, sometimes it felt like I was being turned inside out but I loved it. Soon I could actually feel his cock swell even thicker, then I felt the pulsing of his cock shooting his load in me. Then he was gone, I was weak at the knees and out of sorts. My asshole felt oddly empty and I was in a fog for hours.

3 months ago


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    • The peep show booths is where my first sex with other men took place, I was not at all ashamed to tell my friends about what I was doing, they teased me that I must be queer, bullshit it feels great to get your dicked sucked by male or female. I also liked to get picked up on the street around down town driven somewhere and sit in the car and start jerking each other off, and get my dicked sucked in the front seat of a car, not much better than that for a young teen.

    • I have felt those feelings. And that first time at the booth I let everyone that wanted me, have me. My senses were in overtime. Hands touching cocks, the feeling of cocks in my ass. The smell of cocks as I sucked them. The difference in how they filled my mouth. The difference in how their cum tasted. I stayed there for hours, enjoying everything.

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