Computer Science College Teacher

I was looking for something to keep me busy at night so I started teaching computer science at a small college at night. It was an interesting environment because as soon as a student thought they were failing my class or would not be able to pass the next test I would get all kinds of sexual offerings.
One time as I was leaving the college for the evening one of my very attractive ‘married’ students ask me for a ride home. I asked where she lived and it was 10 minutes up the road. She got in and began to give me directions and I found myself in a back parking lot of an office building. It was dark and very secluded.
I asked why she directed me there and she explained that she was going to fail and asked if she gave me a blowjob would I pass her. After a minimal discussion I caved. She sucked me off and was good at it swallowing everything I had to offer.
Another woman would come to my home and do whatever I wanted on a regular basis. She loved to lick under my balls. Yet another attractive 40 something woman of Filipino decent was taking my final exam. The class had 3 hours to take the test and she used every minute. After 2 hours she was pretty much alone in the classroom. I stood in or near the doorway having conversations with other teachers that were also giving finals. I walked back into the classroom to let her know that she had 10 minutes left then walked back out to the hallway. I returned after about 7 minutes and found her completely naked standing at her desk. “What are you doing?” I asked. She told me since she was sure she would fail I could fuck her if I passed her. I told her to get dressed and walked back out to the hall.
The interesting part of all this is that not one of those women failed. They passed all on their own.

3 months ago


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    • Believable -- until the part with the woman naked standing at her desk in class on campus. That would never happen.

    • I also taught evenings at a local college. It was usually basic IT skills and most of the students were women of all ages from 20s to 60+ and most were married. I never had exactly the same experience that you had but there were many offers, usually from those thought that they were going to fail. They would stand close, accidentally leave buttons undone etc. I even had requests to come to their homes for extra tuition but never did so but the thought was good for my wanking fantasies at the time.

    • Yes, I’ve nailed many a young woman and two young men in college that would have failed if they had not let me fuck them. I do not leave any messages or email trails to follow. My favorite was a hot stud athlete that was really toooo dumb to try programming, but he was supposed to be a golden boy, smart and athletic…well he needed to get a C, was away on travel most times…and missed his deadlines…well I was able get a C for him but only after I fucked his tight ass twice.

    • Bareback all of them?

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