Getting pregnant by strangers

I have long and sad personal experience with fertility treatments and alternative methods of conception, and when it works, I supposed it's a wonderful realization of a dream, but when it fails, it is really a massive expense and an emotional nightmare. My husband and I attempted everything medically available and had no success, so here's what I did. I faked up a herbal remedy that I told my husband came from a library book, and had him drink it every day for a month. It was just a combination of fruit juice that I mixed myself; a placebo. During that month, I went out to bars in the afternoons while he was at work and picked up men at random and had them take me to nice hotels and screw me silly, never telling them what I was up to. I told them all that I was "taking the pill", which they assumed was birh control, but which was in fact just some left-over fertilaid, and by the end of the month, I was pregnant. With twins. My husband assumed it was the "pregnancy potion" he was drinking, and my lovers (none
of whom I ever saw again) assumed I couldn't get pregnant, so no one was ever the wiser. I actually don't know who the biological father is, but I don't care: as far as I'm concerned, it's my husband. I got worn out, and broke, from the fertility treatments and so I just took matters into my own hands and, in essence, knocked myself up.


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  • Congrats on the pregnancy. My husband and I tried something similar, when I couldn't get pregnant. We didn't have insurance, so medically we didn't know what the issue was. We didn't use strangers, but I did fuck a few of his friends. We'd make a party of it, and the sex was the best ever. I totally hate the word "gangbang," but that's what they were. I still didn't get pregnant. We had to adopt a child, which was fine, but the experience did open us up to group sex and the like, which we still do on occasion.

  • When me and my husband were trying for a baby it never happened.I thought there was something wrong with me but we found out he was sterile.I did a few crazy things in the months to follow.Went out and hooked up with a few guys.I wanted a baby more than ever but it also never happened.I confessed to my husband and he totally understood.We talked about sperm donors but the cost was too high so after much talking we came up with an idea.We joined an online swinger site as a couple looking for a younger guy to have fun with.I chatted with him online for a few weeks,he seemed nice and intelligent and quite good-looking.We all took tests to prove we were clean and std free and this young man who was in his mid 20s came to stay with us one weekend.We had several threesomes with my hubby letting him fuck me quite alot but one morning in the early hours I went to the spare room to fuck our guest and gave my all.I had 2 immensely big orgasms before he shot a huge load into me,he groaned so much when he released and I felt his body quiver.He said it was an orgasm like no other.We lay there so I could let his swimmers go to work.After all the sex that weekend that was the moment I conceived,in my opinion anyway.After he left we never saw him again and days later I nervously did a pregnancy test and I was pregnant and the rest is history as they say.

  • Can you share the experiences?

  • You're evil. Hope you get caught!

  • Hmmm what about std's?Not concerned about them?

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