Post gym workout

I like it when my bf comes home after a workout at the gym he’s no bodybuilder infact he’s a comic geek built like a noodle lol but he’s my type and also I love the strong fresh sweat smell he has when he comes home gets me wetter than an otters pocket and I just drop down and pull him with me giving it to him good

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  • 'Wetter than an Otter's pocket" lol got to remember that.
    I'm 69 and joined a 24 gym. Got chummy with a young night shift nurse. She got jugs that point up. She owns the peck machine. Chatting about the Super Bowl -- guess i was eyeball her tits "Now my girls know" and she laughed -
    A little latter we're the only 2 in the area- she gets this devilish smile and flashes me her tits. "i'll kick your old horny ass if you tell my husband"
    "where is he???" More laughter.

  • Yeah smell is such a turn on. I went home with a beautiful woman I met at the gym the other night after working out. We were both so horny we just got right down to business. Taking off her tight spandex and going down on her fragrant, hairy vagina was awesome. We went at it like animals!

  • Fuck, l know what you mean. The natural scent of my (now ex) husband drove me wild... l would even smell his worn gitch if he was not around.

  • Wtf is a gitch haha

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