I don't know what came over me

My husband and his best friend's were remodeling our master bathroom. It was supposed to be a two day project. On the third day my husband had to go back to work. Bathroom unfinished. No door, no vanity,no paint only a really big and nice walk in shower and a toilet. So anyway he left for work and I was upset. My surprise the guys called and said that they were coming over to finish , so I hopped in the shower. It was like 3 minutes later I could hear their voices. They walked right into the bathroom as I was showering and started talking to me. It was weird. I was standing there naked and soapy. They took it upon themselves to undress and join me. They were like tiger's after a deer. They each had me once in the shower and honestly it was amazing. They took me to the bed and had me over and over. Not once did I ask them to stop or anything. It was the most enjoyable sexual experience of my life. I can't believe I would have let something like this happen. I feel shame now when I look at them.

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  • Sounds like you enjoyed and so did they, so no problem there. You should just do it more often and you will get used to it. Maybe see if the friend is better in his own and have him when hubby is out then let hubby enjoy your cum filled pussy.

  • Maybe your husband should do the same with the babysitter

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