Caught wife

My wife and I have been happily married for 10 years,both self employed,she's a hairdresser and I'm a plumber,this all started last month,she fell asleep on the settee and her phone beeped? I've never looked at her phone before,don't know what made me look this time? You were incredible earlier babe? Who the fuck was this texting my wife? I scrolled through these messages to my horror she's been playing away 😤 but something turned me on about it,I wanted to know more,same time same place next week sexy? Said the next text! I finished early on the Wednesday,borrowed my mates car and drove to the salon! 1 o'clock and she was locking up,she jumped in her car and sped off! I followed,she pulled up at some house got out and knocked on a door and in she went 🤔 I sneaked up to the front window and peared in! She was already on her back legs open and being fucked by this guy!! It was a strange feeling,gut wrenching but a turn on to!! They finished fucking and got dressed,I quickly ran back to my mates car,they both appeared from the house then got into his car? Wtf I thought,he drove off and I followed ,they pulled up at a secluded car park,I parked opposite,what followed then was unbelievable,my wife got out of the car laid on the bonnet and it was if time stood still! Out of nowhere came all these bloke's,at least 15 all with their cocks out! Her fancy man then pulls out a camcorder,then one by one all these strangers started fucking my wife on the car bonnet! Every guy shot their load in her cunt! And as if nothing had happened she got up pulled her dress up and got back in the car! They drove back to his house where she got back into her car and then drove home to our house!! I dropped my mates car back to him then came home myself,hi babe I said to my wife!! How was your day ?? Busy? Not really hun she said pretty quiet 😂😂😂 what a slut

1 month ago

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    • If this is true then you have a dream wife! Wow! Treasure her, keep watching her, and get in on the fun! It sucks that she's keeping this from you, but if you make it clear to her that you encourage this then this could be the beginning of an incredible new chapter in your sexual history together.

    • I’d hate fuck that well used pussy one past time, then show her the door and just say, if only it was “us” doing that together, then there wouldn’t have been a problem, now you can fuck off!!

    • I wouldn't be happy with this situation to say the least and she'd be out on the streets with the door locks changed

    • I hope you have some self-respect and tell her you saw it all and you'll be getting a divorce

    • And some std testing!

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