Giving Wife My Present

This happened during our early marriage years. I enjoyed giving her oral and groping her tits until I knew she orgasm. I never knew if she had an orgasm from my dick. I think she faked it to keep me happy when I pounded her. Two years into the marriage I finally asked her if my dick pleases her. She confessed that my oral did but my dick really didn't. I was bothered by that.
I was in the restroom at work and Tim, a black co-worker,pulled out his dick. I was amazed how endowed he was. I began to connect with him and went out to lunch with him. My wife would swing by the shop once in a while. He seemed to have an eye for her. He joked with me saying I married her because of her thighs and tits.
Some time later I asked her if she would do a black man. " I heard they have big dicks and stamina. " she told me. I confessed to her I saw Tim's cock and he was hung and envied him. I could satisfy you with a cock that size I told her and confessed I wanted to see her with a black man. "Really? " she said in a surprise tone. "Our marriage could use some spicing up and if that's your fantasy, I'm game. "
I told Tim that my wife was willing to fuck a black man in front of me and I'm game for it. I got a motel room and the three of us went there. My wife wore a sexy undergarment showing off her thick thighs and big full tits. I sat in the chair that was in the room and watch Tim undress exposing his rigid endowment to my wife. She grabbed it and held it with both of her hands. He groped her tits. She got on the bed spreading her thighs and Tim slapped her hairy pussy with his cock and slowly inserted in her, I saw by my wife's facial expression she was enjoying it. As he pounded her she wrapped her arms around Tim begging him not to stop. A cream pie dripped out of her and she rubbed the cum while looking at me seeing me tug on my cock.
She was surprised that I let her have Tim as her bull. To thank me she face sits me, plays with her tits and tells me to lick and suck her clit. The three of us get a motel room. I do oral on her first, while Tim slaps his dick on her breast and then pounds her wet pussy.

3 months ago

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    • Pathetic. Bet you vote democrat too.

    • You lucky bastard wish my wife was like her

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